Denver ATC

All controllers who were on Denver region tonight…

I requested pushback at KDEN in my Cessna CX and @StikLover2 approved and told me to taxi to a certain runway right away so I knew which way to push back. That was a good touch and much appreciated! Took off and departed west.

I was handed off to @Kim_Ledbetter on Center who directed me down the valley to KASE for ILS approach for rwy 15 with plenty of spacing. Nice view on the way in.

@Hamza787 on KASE tower promptly cleared me to land in the sequence of incoming traffic behind the traffic on final.

Nice job guys! ATC like this is what makes IF Live so awesome!


This made my day!


You make ours too :) Keep up the good work


Thank you so much! What was your call sign?


Ah @StikLover2 finally did something 😉


Thanks for the mention, dude! It’s a lot faster and more efficient to immediately tell people to taxi- it helps both the controller and the pilot in the long run. For the pilot, he’ll know which way to pushback and where to taxi; he can plan out accordingly. For the controller, when it’s busy, it just saves a lot of time- he can focus on other tasks instead of nail-biting his fingers- it also gives him the advantage of managing the flow of traffic towards a certain runway, being aware of who’s coming in and who needs to give way to who.

I knew that I recognized your username when you spawned… Thought it was going to be two ARs, but I see that wouldn’t be the case. I’m glad you had an enjoyable flight! ;)


Thanks for the Novel as usual Smithley. And great job guys.


@Hamza787: UFO 640. Don’t bash my landing – I’m falling asleep… LOL :)

@StikLover2: It really is a good idea. Thanks!

@Carson: Thanks for the username edits in the OP. Your mod privileges are becoming useful. :)


Yeah, that is great idea 😏

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I did the same on LAX Ground today right after 10 mins into it, and someone decided to go to a completely different runway than the way the Tower and I had everyone departing from so I figured it helped. Especially those who pushback in the whale :)

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Thx for the review. It was an interesting time in Colorado. I would have liked having the towers manned full time but we made it.


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