Denver and Edelweiss Air to meet!

(Not my words) Are you ready for some of the best cheese, chocolate and landscapes in the world? For the third time in as many months, DEN today announced a new nonstop international destination with a new foreign-flag airline partner. Beginning June 4, 2018, Edelweiss, Switzerland’s leading leisure airline and sister company of Swiss International Air Lines, is further expanding its route network to North America and will offer nonstop flights between Zurich and Denver!
(My words)…I am very pleased to see Denver expanding so rapidly. Any thoughts on this? I’m so excited :)


I thought it was just Swiss Air operating the flight. But, you may be right. I thought I read Swiss was using their own plane.

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Oh wait! Never mind! Maybe I need glasses.

Denver is expanding at a rate I never thought, but that is not a bad thing! Will be very cool to see yet another foreign carrier in A. I’m supposed to arrive back from the AU on June 7th, so I’ll just miss it. Did it say the frequency of the flight?


I think it’s twice a week.

I’m just as excited as you to see how much Denver is expanding. In one year they will have amassed 3 new carriers. I wonder if they are going to start working on a new Concourse to accommodate the upheaval of traffic we will be receiving.

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While these are not your exact words, I just love to hear about Switzerland from another perspective. :)


They will work on another concourse in a decade, but some new destinations they’re gonna get are Dubai, Shanghai, Singapre, Cairo, Mumbai, and Sydney. I dont know what airlines are gonna be servicing those routes


I have a question for anyone who might know, is Edelweiss Air useing the A330 or A340?

They never said…I hope another a340

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Did a fake booking, says the A330-300 will be operating the route.


If only they started operating this route a month ago when I went to Zürich. I had to fly DEN-IAD-AMS-ZRH which took about two days 😐
I’m glad to see more international carriers coming to Denver!!

Also @MJL did I miss something because when did those destinations get announced for service between Denver?


Those routes were announced on the DIA Master Plan. Also the A380 was also announced on the master plan. I think it might be Qantas or Emirates

Please provide us with this “master plan”. I know quite a bit, and nothing I heard involved a non stop to Mumbai.

@Ben @Moosehead08

If u scroll all the way to the bottom u could see a big globe with all the new routes on it. I know that those are new routes because it has Tokyo, London, and Frankfurt and those are already routes

i personally like denver because of its unique location and im glad to see that its finally getting some attention

You misinterpreted that map. It was saying that places like Sydney, Dubai, and Cairo are 14-16 hours away, never said anything about a new routing.

Those are most likely just sample destinations. Considering there is just about no demand for flights from DEN-SYD, SIN, BOM, or CAI on the map presented, it’s likely they’re placeholders to give people a sense of range.

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Theres actually alot of demand

For sydney. I couldnt finish the sentence