Denver Airports? Seattle Regional Airports

Is there a list of the airports in the Infinite flight Denver Region? I’m wanting to do route’s into (KGEG) Spokane Washington. I know its not in the Seattle Region interestingly enough.

@Kilt_McHaggis has a wonderful website with all the main airports:

You’d be able to see all of them in the airport selector though.

Spokane Intl isn’t in the Seattle region.

Thanks, that’s the list I’ve been looking for!!

I know its in the Eastern Washington and North Idaho region. But regionally I wanted to do flights from Spokane to Seattle :-)

I don’t understand your question. Are you talking about Denver or Seattle airports?

Spokane is not currently on any IF region 😀. See LiveFlight | Flight Tracker for Infinite Flight. For coverage

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Erm Spokane is in Washington State last time i checked… Not in potato country lol (a.k.a Idaho)


Spokane is in eastern Washington, not Idaho. I live in eastern Washington and I’m suprized they haven’t expanded the Seattle region with how much GA is here.


I don’t have the Denver Region yet. I thought I had read a post somewhere that someone had done some route’s between KDEN and KGEG. So I wanted to look at the map because Spokane isn’t in Denver’s Region either. I have Seattle, thought it was kind of odd that it would be in Denver and not in Seattle. So I wanted to see the map before I purchased Denver.sorry I should have cleared that up. :)