Denver Airport Terrain

Hey guys, I just finished my MMUC to KDEN and as I was taxiing off 35L (the active) onto taxiways Mike —> Alpha Alpha east of Concourse A, I realized that the elevation of DIA is a lot compared to the terrain around.

Am I just blind or is that how it’s always been? I’m just curious if it’s something on my end or if it’s something for future reference. I know from being at the real airport that there is definitely not this much elevation gap lol.

Device: IPad Air 2
Aircraft: Airbus A320-200

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This is because the airport elevation isn’t the same throughout the whole airport in real life, and as IF currently does not support sloped runways and similar… this is what happens. The terrain surrounding the airport are different elevations, but you can’t set various elevations for an airport in IF as it is right now.