Denver Airport Question

I’m glad I could be of service. Fair warning, it’s quiet as a mouse. Not a soul in there. So if you go down you’ll slowly go insane by lack of people 😂
All I’m not sure how much longer it will remain empty. An airline might move in relatively quick to it might be empty for months.

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Because Frontier used to have most of the concourse and it seems like they lost atleast 50% of their gates

They gave those gates up for monetary issues a while back. But they are making a good comeback.

If any Airline is bullying my baby F9 they answer to me…

I don’t find this that odd…

Of the 52 flights that depart between midnight and 7:30 AM, only one, at 7:20, depart from that area of gates.

Why? Because no one really needs to fly to Scottsbluff Nebraska at 5:30 AM. The airlines that use this area are smaller airlines that fly to remote, low-demand locations around the plains. There is no reason to fly those routes multiple times a day, as they are so low demand, especially at oh dark thirty. Best to have this flight midday, when it’s most accessible.

If you’re flying to one of these remote locations, you’re lucky enough to have this flight, so you better be flexible with your times.

Don’t fret, DIA isn’t going under. Just normal operations.


First off I never fretted that they were going under. Let me make that clear.

Second, why would they have such a brand new, clean, gorgeous, power outlets everywhere, and F9 aircraft parked in the dark outside? All for 1-4 flights a day with maybe 20 pax a day? They didn’t renovate the building that Boutiqe or Denver Connections uses. That’s been around for a long time. But this has been completely renovated to look gorgeous. Do you really think they’d do all this work and spend all this money for a few regional flights a day? I’m just saying something seems off

Maybe there is just not enough demand for it. Remember all the frontier flights use jet bridges which that section does not have. Thats a big factor which would most likely result in a removal and replacement of the concourse to mimick whats already been built.

I’m not sure I understand your point. If there was not enough demand why would they go to a years work when no demand was there?

Wait so there is an airline that uses it? Which airline?

Just because there is no demand at five in the morning doesn’t mean there is no demand at all. It’s five in the morning. There’s little demand anywhere. Go back at like 9 AM, peak times.

More flights leave between 9:40 and 10:10 than do between 22:30 and 7:45. It’ll be dead everywhere you go.

I just got off from talking to an F9 agent and he says that as far as he knows that whole area is used for commuter flights. He didn’t specify that the new section was actually for commuter Airlines but he said the whole ground level thrown together served for them.
He also told me there are maybe 10 flights a day with Boutiqe Air, Aerodynamis (Great Lakes), and Denver Air Connection transporting maybe 50 passaneges a day at most.
This seems like such a huge waste for 50 people a day. I mean the normal concourse isn’t this nice. The one where Boutiqe and Denver Air currently depart is not as nice. In fact it’s older and not as clean. This part which just opened is the complete opposite.
All I’m saying is it seems really really wasteful and bizarre to spend so much time and manpower and money for a few charter and regional commuter flights a day. Maybe I just don’t know the economics like I should.

The F9 agent told me that Boutiqe Air, Aerodynamics Air (using Great Lakes callsign), Denver Air Connection, and any other charter flight or regional jet that lands at Denver uses these gates.

My point is Frontier can’t use that area unless they extend Concourse A.

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NKS used that area for a good solid 5-8 months before they changed to concourse C. It’s completely plausible that a commercial jetliner could board and deplane and use those gates.

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Big fan of the lovely invention known as airstairs

I know but u got to think of the people who cant walk up stairs. Spirit didnt use the part that your talking about, they used the regular concourse just at the very end.

Very odd. I will admit, I was disappointed when I saw that this wasn’t a KDEN conspiracy thread…

Wrong, they had several gates that used air stairs

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Puts cup of steaming hot coffee down…let me educate you in the ways of KDEN.

Below is a link to a video with the time stamp of where to find NKS at this gate (A60) using the air stairs. I basically live at KDEN. I know where every single airline parks, how many gates they have, when an airline switches gates (I was the first to realize NKS had switched to C). I know what I’m talking about when I say that NKS used air stairs. Enjoy the videographic proof ;)

Credit to Budget Traveler (a good fried of mine) for this clip. Tune in to timestamp 4:06 and watch further. I have a shot of their A320 I believe using the air stairs in one of my F9 Trip Reports but I can’t remember which one.

I hate the conspiracy theories…they ruin a beautiful airport. So no post that I create will ever involve the Denver conspiracies :)

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Oh my bad I Didnt know they used it…