Densest airliner in the sky? Meet Air France’s new high density 77W cabin

Ever heard of Air France?

Probably? Yes? No?

Okay, here we go. For those of you who follow Air France, the carrier operates a long haul base out of Orly Airport in Paris. These operations use 12 777-300ER aircraft with 468 seats and mainly fly to French overseas Departments mostly in the Caribbean and periodically in the Indian Ocean(Île de la Réunion). You think this is dense? Air France has just released pics of the newer dense cabin. The cabin features 14 of its new business class seats(as those in the A359s), 28 premium economy seats and with 430 economy seats to top it off at a total of 472 seats. In comparison, the nearest international configuration of the 77W is at 450 seats with Air Canada. According to
Runway Girl Network(linked below), Air France states that the current 468-seat config has very low CASM similar to Level’s 314-seat A330s at approximately €0.05. Impressive, eh?

Via their twitter page, air plus news(linked below) states that the first ship with this config is F-GSQT, which as of drafting this topic has made a roundtrip to Guadeloupe and is enroute to Martinique.
It’ll be interesting to see how this newer config performs compared to the old one.

Visit the links for more info:

Any thoughts?


Surprising they went for the new A350 J seats. If they wanted to go dense, I would’ve expected the new A330 seats.

I think they wanted to standardise the J product on their 777/787 fleet. If I recall well, one of the (speculated) reasons why they went 2-2-2 is that the A330 was limited of space, but I agree, if they were going dense they ought to have used the J seats on the 332s.

Damn looks awful

What is that???

The premium economy looks worse than the one in the 787s, they should have kept the all black on the Y+. Economy and J look good and lively imo but the concept of 472 pax in a 777 for 10h is ‘interesting’

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And I thought IAG was bad. Yikes! 🤣

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Seeing that the IFE system used(the RAVE) is designed to eliminate the concept of IFE boxes, the red thingy is likely to be a drive loading content to the individual screens.

Oh, I see.

Hi man, thank you for your great article.

Actually, there are 12 77W used to the overseas regions called in french COI (Caraïbes et Océan Indien). The olds was equiped with very old equipments for 8 of them (extremly inefficient IFE, seat as unconfortable as a public bench, obviously no UBS ports in Economy class etc. Here the making-off of these works :

As I come from french overseas, I often travel within this type of aircraft, and I promess this new cabin was expected as a miracle. Furthemore, they have been adding the WiFi on this kind of fleet. Today, 8/12 aircrafts are using WiFi.

10 of them will be equipped with the new cabin until the end of the year !

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