Denpasar Tower

Someone in ATC is telling me to contact Denpasar tower when I’m not even close enough to the frequency and I’m afraid they will get mad, I cant reply that I’m too far out, what should I do?

You can wait until you’re close enough. If you get ghosted, you can just PM them.


If you are arriving into denpasar, listen to atc and contact tower, if not you can just ignore them.

Tower‘s airspace goes 25nm out. You should contact tower when within this radius and below FL100. PM the controller and ask for clarification.

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I’m flying quite close and I should be able to contact soon though, I’ll contact approach asap

He physically can not.


Go on to the map click on the airport and connect that way maybe.

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What server was this on? If on expert contact the controller and if it’s TS then they are only lurning so they are guaranteed to make mistakes whilst they learn.

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Expert, I’m just northwest of Denpasar


Your controller is @Hussein_Zreik.

Today hub has been switched to Singapore because of an issue meaning people can’t easily tune in to approach at WADD. It makes traffic very difficult to manage for tower alone and the tower contoller may have not realised how far out you were, but tune in early and call in below FL100 to give tower adequate space to sequence you.

Have you tried clicking on the airport to see if you can tune in to tower that way?

Always worth dropping the controller a PM too.


There’s a reason I told you to contact me so early. @Pilot_Felix The airport is not accepting inbound traffic due to the airport being full, I wanted to tell you this before you got to close to the airport.

Oh ok, so should I divert to Jakarta?

That’s your decision sir, I have decided with my ground controller that we can’t handle anymore inbounds for a short period of time.

Ok I’ll circle, thanks for your help!

You can divert to Surabaya WARR. Many WADD diversion diverts here IRL

I wouldn’t recommend WADD as there is a technical issue. Just for a heads up :)

I’ve heard, I will circle because I have enough fuel


Always plan smart and you have done :) Great job!

Thanks simbrief! :) Always prepares me for this kind of stuff.

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