Denpasar International routes list

Denpasar International routes

This list will list Denpasar international route.

Denpasar International Route list A-Z ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---
Cathay Pacific
Flight number Aircraft Route STD STA
CX785 B77W or A333 VHHH-WADD 10:00 AM 3:05 PM
CX784 B77W or A333 WADD-VHHH 4:05 PM 9:20 PM

China Airlines
Flight Number Aircraft Route STD STA
CI771 B77W or A333 RCTP-WADD 9:10 AM 2:40 PM
CI772 B77W or A333 WADD-RCTP 3:40 PM 9:05 PM

Flight Number Aircraft Route STD STA
EK398 B77W OMDB-WADD 9:34 AM 10:07 PM
EK399 B77W WADD-OMDB 4:14 PM 8:37 PM
EK450 B77W WADD-NZAA 4:30 PM 5:25 AM
EK451 B77W WADD-OMDB 7:50 PM 1:10 AM

Eva Air
Flight Number Aircraft Route STD STA
BR255 A332 or A333 RCTP-WADD 10:00 AM 3:20 PM
BR256 A332 or A333 WADD-RCTP 4:15 PM 9:10 PM

Garuda Indonesia
Flight Number Aircraft Route STD STA
GA714 A332 or A333 WADD-YSSY 10:25 PM 7:25 AM
GA715 A332 or A333 YSSY-WADD 10:05 AM 2:20 PM
GA880 A333 or B77W WADD-RJAA 12:45 AM 8:50 AM
GA881 A333 or B77W RJAA-WADD 11:00 AM 5:35 PM

Indonesia AirAsia
Flight Number Aircraft Route STD STA
QZ508 A320 WADD-WSSS 5:30 PM 8:15 PM
QZ509 A320 WSSS-WADD 8:45 PM 11:30 PM
QZ554 A320 WADD-WMKK 6:35 PM 9:30 PM
QZ555 A320 WMKK-WADD 9:55 PM 1:00 AM

Flight Number Aircraft Route STD STA
JQ37 B788 YSSY-WADD 5:40 PM 9:05 PM
JQ38 B788 WADD-YSSY 10:35 PM 7:15 AM
JQ43 B788 YMLL-WADD 10:10 AM 1:15 PM
JQ44 B788 WADD-YMML 12:45 PM 9:10 PM
JQ57 B788 YBBN-WADD 7:00 AM 11:15 AM
JQ58 B788 WADD-YBBN 2:50 PM 10:20 PM
JQ83 A320 YPDN-WADD 11:10 PM 12:25 AM
JQ82 A320 WADD-YPDN 1:20 AM 5:25 AM
JQ90 A320 YBCS-WADD 9:30 PM 12:20 AM
JQ91 A320 WADD-YBCS 1:10 AM 7:40 AM
JQ110 A320 YPPH-WADD 7:25 AM 11:05 AM
JQ109 A320 WADD-YPPH 11:50 AM 3:30 PM
JQ125 A320 YPAD-WADD 6:20 AM 9:15 AM
JQ126 A320 WADD-YPAD 10:15 AM 5:30 PM

Flight Number Aircraft Route STD STA
KL835 B77W WSSS-WADD 05:35PM 08:15PM
KL836 B77W WADD-WSSS 08:40PM 10:55PM

Malaysia Airlines
Flight Number Aircraft Route STD STA
MH714 A333 or B738 WADD-WMKK 12:55 PM 4:00 PM
MH715 A333 or B738 WMKK-WADD 9:00 AM 12:05 PM
MH850 B772 or B738 WADD-WMKK 4:25 PM 7:25 PM
MH851 B772 or B738 WMKK-WADD 12:25 PM 3:25 PM

Flight Number Aircraft Route STA STD
QF43 A332 YSSY-WADD - -
qf44 A332 WADD-YSSY - -

Qatar Airways
Flight Number Aircraft Route STD STA
QR960 B77W OTHH-WADD 8:10 AM 11:10 PM
QR961 B77W WADD-OTHH 12:30 AM 5:30 AM
QR962 B77W OTHH-WADD 2:45 AM 5:30 PM
QR963 B77W WADD-OTHH 6:45 PM 11:20 PM
QR964 B788 or B77W OTHH-WADD 5:35 PM 7:55 AM
QR965 B788 or B77W WADD-OTHH 9:20 AM 1:55 PM

Singapore Airlines
Flight Number Aircraft Route STD STA
SQ938 A333 or B78X WSSS-WADD 9:05 AM 11:50 AM
SQ939 A333 or B78X WADD-WSSS 1:00 PM 3:40 PM
SQ942 A333 or B78X WSSS-WADD 9:05 AM 11:50 AM
SQ943 A333 or B78X WADD-WSSS 1:05 PM 3:50 PM
SQ944 B738 or B78X WSSS-WADD 4:10 PM 6:50 PM
SQ945 B738 or B78X WADD-WSSS 8:00 PM 10:40 PM
SQ946 A333 or B78X WSSS-WADD 4:20 PM 7:05 PM
SQ947 A333 or B78X WADD-WSSS 8:15 PM 10:55 PM
SQ948 A333 WSSS-WADD 6:05 PM 8:50 PM
SQ949 A333 WADD-WSSS 9:45 PM 12:20 AM

Thai Airways
Flight Number Aircraft Route STD STA
TG431 B773 or B744 VTBS-WADD 8:50 AM 02:15PM
TG432 B773 or B744 WADD-VTBS 4:10 PM 7:25 PM

Turkish Airlines
Flight Number Aircraft Route STD STA
TK66 B789 LTFM-WADD 1:45 AM 7:35 PM
TK67 B789 WADD-LTFM 9:05 PM 5:55 AM

Virgin Australia
Flight Number Aircraft Route STD STA
VA31 B738 YPAD-WADD 10:35 AM 12:57 PM
VA32 B738 WADD-YSSY 11:25 PM 7:32 AM
VA33 B738 YSSY-WADD 11:20 AM 2:50 PM
VA34 B738 WADD-YSSY 10:10 PM 7:10 AM
VA35 B738 YSSY-WADD 5:15 PM 8:45 PM
VA36 B738 WADD-YSSY 11:55 PM 9:05 AM
VA37 B738 YSSY-WADD 5:25 PM 9:10 PM
VA40 B738 WADD-YBBN 1:10 AM 8:38 AM
VA41 B738 YBBN-WADD 8:10 AM 12:25 PM
VA42 B738 WADD-YBBN 10:10 PM 5:45 AM
VA43 B738 YBBN-WADD 10:10 AM 2:25 PM
VA44 B738 WADD-YBBN 3:45 PM 11:40 PM
VA45 B738 YBBN-WADD 5:15 PM 9:30 PM
VA46 B738 WADD-YBBN 9:10 PM 5:05 AM
VA47 B738 YMML-WADD 7:35 AM 9:45 AM
VA48 B738 WADD-YMML 12:20 AM 8:25 AM
VA49 B738 YMML-WADD 9:15 AM 11:23 AM

STD = Scheduled Time Departure
STA = Scheduled Time Arrivals
Note : Time shown on this list are local time, also the STD and STA is not 100% accurate

routes are taken from real life


Hey! There also use to be Denpasar to Townsville


17 Virgin Australia flights, 14 Jetstar flights. Might bump into a few Aussies.
Not many flights on Malaysian or Indonesian airlines. But surprisingly(?) 12 Singapore Airlines flights.

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I also took it from the past flight number.

Update: Thai Airways now flies Denpasar route with a 787-8

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what is the flight number?

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I can’t edit the Topic.

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idk cant remember lol. they stopped those routes in late 2017

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Us Aussies love Indonesia!


Hong Kong Airlines (HX708) pre COVID used to fly from Hong Kong to Denpasar using their A330-200 and A330-300, Garuda (GA856) also flew the route pre COVID on the B737-800 and Lion Air (JT2602) as well on their B737-900 pre COVID

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Bump this Topic!

22.4 is out!

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One of my first destinations last night now that the airport is 3D. Very nice! That photo can be updated…

Unfortunately, i can’t update the photo since the Topic is over 60 days old.

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It doesn’t matter. Great topic!