Denpasar International routes list

Denpasar International routes

This list will list Denpasar international route.

Denpasar International Route list

Cathay Pacific
Flight number Aircraft Route STD STA
CX785 B77W or A333 VHHH-WADD 10:00 AM 3:05 PM
CX784 B77W or A333 WADD-VHHH 4:05 PM 9:20 PM

China Airlines
Flight Number Aircraft Route STD STA
CI771 B77W or A333 RCTP-WADD 9:10 AM 2:40 PM
CI772 B77W or A333 WADD-RCTP 3:40 PM 9:05 PM

Flight Number Aircraft Route STD STA
EK398 B77W OMDB-WADD 9:34 AM 10:07 PM
EK399 B77W WADD-OMDB 4:14 PM 8:37 PM
EK450 B77W WADD-NZAA 4:30 PM 5:25 AM
EK451 B77W WADD-OMDB 7:50 PM 1:10 AM

Eva Air
Flight Number Aircraft Route STD STA
BR255 A332 or A333 RCTP-WADD 10:00 AM 3:20 PM
BR256 A332 or A333 WADD-RCTP 4:15 PM 9:10 PM

Garuda Indonesia
Flight Number Aircraft Route STD STA
GA714 A332 or A333 WADD-YSSY 10:25 PM 7:25 AM
GA715 A332 or A333 YSSY-WADD 10:05 AM 2:20 PM
GA880 A333 or B77W WADD-RJAA 12:45 AM 8:50 AM
GA881 A333 or B77W RJAA-WADD 11:00 AM 5:35 PM

Indonesia AirAsia
Flight Number Aircraft Route STD STA
QZ508 A320 WADD-WSSS 5:30 PM 8:15 PM
QZ509 A320 WSSS-WADD 8:45 PM 11:30 PM
QZ554 A320 WADD-WMKK 6:35 PM 9:30 PM
QZ555 A320 WMKK-WADD 9:55 PM 1:00 AM

Flight Number Aircraft Route STD STA
JQ37 B788 YSSY-WADD 5:40 PM 9:05 PM
JQ38 B788 WADD-YSSY 10:35 PM 7:15 AM
JQ43 B788 YMLL-WADD 10:10 AM 1:15 PM
JQ44 B788 WADD-YMML 12:45 PM 9:10 PM
JQ57 B788 YBBN-WADD 7:00 AM 11:15 AM
JQ58 B788 WADD-YBBN 2:50 PM 10:20 PM
JQ83 A320 YPDN-WADD 11:10 PM 12:25 AM
JQ82 A320 WADD-YPDN 1:20 AM 5:25 AM
JQ90 A320 YBCS-WADD 9:30 PM 12:20 AM
JQ91 A320 WADD-YBCS 1:10 AM 7:40 AM
JQ110 A320 YPPH-WADD 7:25 AM 11:05 AM
JQ109 A320 WADD-YPPH 11:50 AM 3:30 PM
JQ125 A320 YPAD-WADD 6:20 AM 9:15 AM
JQ126 A320 WADD-YPAD 10:15 AM 5:30 PM

Flight Number Aircraft Route STD STA
KL835 B77W WSSS-WADD 05:35PM 08:15PM
KL836 B77W WADD-WSSS 08:40PM 10:55PM

Malaysia Airlines
Flight Number Aircraft Route STD STA
MH714 A333 or B738 WADD-WMKK 12:55 PM 4:00 PM
MH715 A333 or B738 WMKK-WADD 9:00 AM 12:05 PM
MH850 B772 or B738 WADD-WMKK 4:25 PM 7:25 PM
MH851 B772 or B738 WMKK-WADD 12:25 PM 3:25 PM

Flight Number Aircraft Route STA STD
QF43 A332 YSSY-WADD - -
qf44 A332 WADD-YSSY - -

Qatar Airways
Flight Number Aircraft Route STD STA
QR960 B77W OTHH-WADD 8:10 AM 11:10 PM
QR961 B77W WADD-OTHH 12:30 AM 5:30 AM
QR962 B77W OTHH-WADD 2:45 AM 5:30 PM
QR963 B77W WADD-OTHH 6:45 PM 11:20 PM
QR964 B788 or B77W OTHH-WADD 5:35 PM 7:55 AM
QR965 B788 or B77W WADD-OTHH 9:20 AM 1:55 PM

Singapore Airlines
Flight Number Aircraft Route STD STA
SQ938 A333 or B78X WSSS-WADD 9:05 AM 11:50 AM
SQ939 A333 or B78X WADD-WSSS 1:00 PM 3:40 PM
SQ942 A333 or B78X WSSS-WADD 9:05 AM 11:50 AM
SQ943 A333 or B78X WADD-WSSS 1:05 PM 3:50 PM
SQ944 B738 or B78X WSSS-WADD 4:10 PM 6:50 PM
SQ945 B738 or B78X WADD-WSSS 8:00 PM 10:40 PM
SQ946 A333 or B78X WSSS-WADD 4:20 PM 7:05 PM
SQ947 A333 or B78X WADD-WSSS 8:15 PM 10:55 PM
SQ948 A333 WSSS-WADD 6:05 PM 8:50 PM
SQ949 A333 WADD-WSSS 9:45 PM 12:20 AM

Thai Airways
Flight Number Aircraft Route STD STA
TG431 B773 or B744 VTBS-WADD 8:50 AM 02:15PM
TG432 B773 or B744 WADD-VTBS 4:10 PM 7:25 PM

Turkish Airlines
Flight Number Aircraft Route STD STA
TK66 B789 LTFM-WADD 1:45 AM 7:35 PM
TK67 B789 WADD-LTFM 9:05 PM 5:55 AM

Virgin Australia
Flight Number Aircraft Route STD STA
VA31 B738 YPAD-WADD 10:35 AM 12:57 PM
VA32 B738 WADD-YSSY 11:25 PM 7:32 AM
VA33 B738 YSSY-WADD 11:20 AM 2:50 PM
VA34 B738 WADD-YSSY 10:10 PM 7:10 AM
VA35 B738 YSSY-WADD 5:15 PM 8:45 PM
VA36 B738 WADD-YSSY 11:55 PM 9:05 AM
VA37 B738 YSSY-WADD 5:25 PM 9:10 PM
VA40 B738 WADD-YBBN 1:10 AM 8:38 AM
VA41 B738 YBBN-WADD 8:10 AM 12:25 PM
VA42 B738 WADD-YBBN 10:10 PM 5:45 AM
VA43 B738 YBBN-WADD 10:10 AM 2:25 PM
VA44 B738 WADD-YBBN 3:45 PM 11:40 PM
VA45 B738 YBBN-WADD 5:15 PM 9:30 PM
VA46 B738 WADD-YBBN 9:10 PM 5:05 AM
VA47 B738 YMML-WADD 7:35 AM 9:45 AM
VA48 B738 WADD-YMML 12:20 AM 8:25 AM
VA49 B738 YMML-WADD 9:15 AM 11:23 AM

STD = Scheduled Time Departure
STA = Scheduled Time Arrivals
Note : Time shown on this list are local time, also the STD and STA is not 100% accurate

routes are taken from real life


Hey! There also use to be Denpasar to Townsville


17 Virgin Australia flights, 14 Jetstar flights. Might bump into a few Aussies.
Not many flights on Malaysian or Indonesian airlines. But surprisingly(?) 12 Singapore Airlines flights.

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I also took it from the past flight number.

Update: Thai Airways now flies Denpasar route with a 787-8

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what is the flight number?

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I can’t edit the Topic.

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idk cant remember lol. they stopped those routes in late 2017

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Us Aussies love Indonesia!


Hong Kong Airlines (HX708) pre COVID used to fly from Hong Kong to Denpasar using their A330-200 and A330-300, Garuda (GA856) also flew the route pre COVID on the B737-800 and Lion Air (JT2602) as well on their B737-900 pre COVID

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