DenaliGames ATC Tracking Thread KSFO [CLOSED] TS1

CLOSED on Tower at KSFO


Hi Denali, I suggest you make this a Tracking Thread.

The format for this can be found here: Formatting Your ATC Tracking Thread

My tracking thread can be found here if you need an example: @AsternDestroyer's ATC Tracking Thread [OPEN] RKSI TS1


training or expert server?

Hello,nice to see u want training

Make this into an ATC tracking thread!

Name it your IFC usernames tracking thread @KRDU ,server,status

Also, if you are looking to follow the path to IFATC, I suggest you check out the ATC Education Group.

Their thread can be found here:


P.S. I’ll be stopping by. ;)

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Training server. What topic do I post under?

ATC is where you’ll want to post it.

PM me if you have further questions.

ill do some patterns callsign N322NA

oops callsign is N95OW

I’ll just say now, @DenaliGames, you don’t need to tell me to enter bla bla blah. Clear me for takeoff left/right traffic then unless you need to make a runway change or something all you need to do is sequence me and then wait until I’m on crosswind or past to clear me for the option.
Pattern > Sequence > Clearance.

P.S. why did you reject someone’s pattern work?

Also, why did you just let someone takeoff on the opposite end of the runway I’m about to land on?

@DenaliGames I have to leave for dinner, sorry, although I’ll do feedback when I get a chance. You want it in PM or here?

Can we get an approach controller on KDFW in 2 hours xD. I’m Delta 424 from KRDU.

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PM would be great thanks

I might. We’ll see lol

I may idk kinda late in the east

Can you close the thread if you’re not open anymore please.

I was just at KSAN as N701FX. You did a decent job. Your only problems were a lack of sequencing and forgetting to tell me to exit the runway.

Yeah ik about the exit runway.

New editable thread posted.