Denali National Park and Farewell, Alaska in 10 replay screenshots



A spontaneous scenery exploration flight today as we hit the skies over Alaska. Departing from Fairbanks airport, I headed out over Denalis National Park and into the Farewell region and did a bit of circling around the immediate surrounding areas to see what it looks like from the sky for an hour or so.

As anticipated, the Alaskan landscape was stunning to fly over and did not disappoint! This section is only a tiny part of the state and it will definitely be worth some more exploration in the future.

Notes: As always, no hard editing was done to the photos, just some personal preference slight changes to the light and contrast and working with what is available – nothing fake added or taken away.

Good times


If only we had full global 3D scenery… 🥵


Beautiful! Alaska has some of the most amazing scenery (even without topography north of 60). Awesome photos there, and I hope you enjoyed your time in the virtual Alaska!


Wait… is the Alaska CRJ in the sim? No matter those are some darn good photos! Well done!

Cign :)

It is Bombardier not Mitsubishi, that will never be its name.


It certainly is - the CRJ-700 - and thank you!

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This topic and these photos are amazing! Thanks for flying in Alaska!

Lol I was here before someone said “@Alaska096 would love this” 😂


would like but sadly out of likes


Amazing pictures!! Glad to see someone in underdeveloped parts of Alaska. Once the 60th parallel North and South get worked on, Denali is the first place I’m visiting. I’ve been there IRL and it is amazing.


I wasn’t even aware that this area hadn’t been worked on yet in HD scenery etc - should look even better then.


Damn I havent flew the CRJ-700 With Alaskan in a minute, It was fun

Well the HD scenery is already there, it’s just the topography missing. But yeah, it would look better once it’s done.

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Ah ok, that explains why it’s looking so flat then…

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I never even knew Alaska had that aircraft. Great pictures!!!

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