DEN4TB 2| @ KDEN | Sep. 20th, 2020

I’m back with another spotting topic. Today was a very special day. For the first time in 6 months I finally was able to spot with the boys again. About a month ago we started planning this meetup. I’m glad this was the one weekend I had Sunday off, which meant I could go spotting with the boys. We met at 56th for some landings at 9:45am but left 30 minutes later because there was nothing landing. So we went to Final Approach for 25 takeoffs. The lighting was hit or miss as there were some clouds rolling through. Anyways I had a blast spotting with the boys. Also was supposed to spot with @Wattsup_jet but I had to leave before watts came. One day watts I’ll meet you. So here are the pictures.

You be suprised when I say I don’t have many Frontier pictures for spotting at a Frontier Hub. Here’s Virginia The Wolf climbing up and out of Denver heading southwest down to Phoenix.

I’d much rather be on this flight than spot this flight. Finally after weeks off dodging me I got the United 787-8 heading down to HNL. I wonder if these will replace the 777 that usual fly this route for good.

Finally was able to see this pencil takeoff out of 25. I’ve been dying to get this angle with the 757. This plane is heading down to Houston.

Found a new spot with the boys that had views of the runway so we could get shots like this. Here’s a United 737-900ER climbing out of DEN heading out too San Francisco

Apparently Volaris likes to rotate very early out of DEN

One of my favorite shots today. If only it wasn’t so damn hazy. Thank you California for this haze. Anyways here’s a United A319 climbing out of DEN with the control tower in the back. (May need to click on photo if on mobile)

Here’s our first canyon blue of the day for @Luke_Sta I love bank in this shot. I wish I could have more bank shots. Here’s a Southwest 737-800 banking south to head down to Austin

This turned out better than I thought considering the lighting was wack this morning. Here’s a United 777-200 on short final from ORD this morning

Second Canyon Blue of the day for @Luke_Sta Here’s a southwest 737-800 climbing up out of DEN with one of the concourse’s in the back.

Finally one of my favorite close ups form today. Here’s a Delta A319 heading out west to Salt Lake City

Equipment: Canon EOS Rebel t4i
Lenses: Sigma 100-400mm
Editing: Adobe Lightroom Classic and Adobe Photoshop

Photography Pages: (don’t need to sign in to view. Just click the link to view)

JetPhotos: Yes I really am flexing my one JP.

Thanks for viewing!!


First x2 let’s gooo!

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No caps on the ICAO that’s a power move


Bruhhhhh I swear it was capitalized


That’s what they allll say


New challenge: count how many times @den.aviation says “with the boys” hahaha. Lovely shots mate! My favourite would have to be the Volaris or the last Southwest


Yes let’s play that game.

good shot, I actually spotted this plane last week as well arriving from ATL. I should probably get IG and meet y’all sometime.

If you get IG I’ll make a MyFR account or whatever it is you want me to make

I really really hope that the 787-8 isn’t used for good on the HNL route. ORD-HNL is also operated on a 787-8 currently. The reason I don’t want the 787-8 is because. I’m on the ORD-HNL flight on June 13th 2021. I really hope it’s on a 777-200. It better be

It probably will be a 777 for y’all. It’s a Dreamliner rn for us at DEN because we lost our 777 base due to COVID

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tyler tilt intensifies

Beautiful photos!

Oh I see. Yeah I still really hope it’s on a 777-200


Dang I really missed this until now smh

Watts is really slow

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Beautiful pics! I wish I could see more United heavys in ATL.

Thank you!

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No problem :)