DEN Fires Great Hall Partners

Well. This is unfortunate. DEN has fired its partners for the Great hall project. The reason was due to being behind schedule and over budget. Denver now has to find new partners for the Great Hall project. Construction is to resume in early 2020. Construction is expected to last till 2025 which it was supposed to be in 2023 I believe. DEN is going to be the new Lagarbage because the main terminal is awful. Everything has been gutted and it has a very unappealing look to it.


Oh boy. Seems like there is always something strange going on at DEN

Think I should avoid flying their for the holidays?


Oh boy…

DEN: hires contractors
contractors go over budget and are behind schedule
DEN: fires contractors and hires new ones
those contractors are expected to take longer than the first ones



No, the inside of the main terminal will look awful but still a good airport to fly too.


Sounds just like when they were building DEN. Over budget and behind schedule


Ain’t that right! Lol.

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flew in and out of KDEN twice in the past 4 months and the terminal looks extremely unappealing, also made the airport a lot more confusing due to the feeling that its smaller.

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Yeah I can agree with you. It doesn’t have the welcoming affect anymore

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