Demoted from Grade 3 to 2?

Ive been Playing in the Expert Server tday as my game crashed all the time, but as I joined the third time I repeatedly became the message that I can’t join the server as I am Grade 2 but i need to have Grade 3, i left and joined all the time but the same happened. I restarted infinite flight and I became grade 2 but did nothing which is a violence against the rules!

Region: Seattle WA
Plane: B777-300ER
Callsign: EAL772 Heavy
Airport: Portland, Gate D7


Have you check your violations?


A screenshot could help if possible?


Did you put clean underwear and socks on before you checked in to your flight?


This is you right here?

Apparently, you are a Grade 3, that means you are allowed to fly in the Expert server. But when you join in the Expert Server, it doesn’t allow you to fly? If this is true, try restarting your device. Let me know if that works.

Source: IFGP Group Chat on Facebook messenger

From your user profile in the app, select the highlighted i next to the field marked "Grade"
That will show the whole Grade grid including your current grade and stats. You can compare your current stats to the grade lines to see what you need to advance. Feel free to snap a screen shot and reply with that here if you have questions.

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Click on the little i next to your grade to see what needs to be done to get grade 3 again. There are several things that will knock your grade down.
-in activity
-not enough activity in the past 90 days
-not enough landing’s in the past 90 days
It tells you why your the grade you are in the app.

Really blurry.

He’s actually Grade 3, but I don’t know how he is unable to enter the Expert Server.

Got the information from the Infinite Flight Gadget Pilot Group Chat on Facebook

He has violations in the past day and past 3 days. I can’t tell what they are but they don’t look like what’s listed in the grade 3. I’m betting that’s his problem.

According to the conversation in the IFGP Group Chat, he was on the Tower frequency in the Seattle region. He requested a touch and go, but Tower instructed him to “avoid sending duplicate messages.” Later, he was on final for runway 34L, and he told Tower that he is on final. He told the group that Tower ghosted him, and now he’s prohibited from flying in the Expert Server. Apparently the problem was solved in the Group Chat. The best that he can do is to wait a couple of days for his violations to clear up, and message the controller about the problem. He wasn’t specific enough when he made this post, so that’s why one of you might be confused. I’m still trying to contact @GTADriver64_GTAPlaye via Facebook Messenger to see if his problem was solved.

Oh so he’s on a weeks vacation that makes sense.

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So to solve this post you were ghosted 👻. You’re welcome


Oh well, problem solved I guess…

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