Demilitarized Zone In Global Textures? Or any Secure Places

First off I have no idea which category this goes in so could someone put it in the one that it fits in.

This is kinda like the North Korea no fly zone thread I posted a while back. But I was just wondering woudld the DMZ be blued out when you flew over it or would you be able to fly over it at all? This alos Links in with Area 51 Will that be open or restricted? Just wondering what you guyes think

Sorry if it’s a duplicate :)

Btw if you don’t know what the DMZ is


I don’t think there is gonna be a rule about not flying into restricted airspace. After all, who is going to chase after you? Some guy in an FA-18!


@Cameron will shoot you down via LiveFlight.



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It’s not I am talking about blurring textures :)

Also said Topic is closed

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The other post referred to no fly zones, is that what you are asking?

You will be shot down for sure, I hope global will not create an international conflict

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FA-18 seems too advanced. Remember, we are talking about North Korea…


good point maybe like an F-6 or MIG-21 but as of right now we don’t have those in IF

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Ok if we wont be able to fly over north korea, the airport wouldnt even have been touched, except the airport editing team already finished pyongyang airport

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Another hare-brained idea…

Let’s just let Global be Global! Thanks!


u ppl have to realize that global is global, not “let’s make infinite flight stupid realistic”

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If you can do it on X-Plane11, you should be able to do it on Global.

More will be announced about the specifics of global flight when FDS deem it appropriate to do so.