Demilitarized F18

Hey IFC! I was wondering if any of the F18 liveries in the game were demilitarized and if so, which ones are they. Thanks!

The blue angel livery doesn’t come with anything under the plane such as missile.
You can get other liveries without missiles but do have extended fuel tanks under the belly and wings.
You can explore further by looking at the aircraft preview in app

Ok thank you!

so would the extra tanks be called external tanks when you fuel up the aircraft? also could you buy a blue angels plane in real life?

The Blue Angels F-18s are operated exclusively by the United States Navy. But here’s the second best option?

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just to clarify they do not sell any blue angels planes after they retire them correct? if they don’t, then what about the maverick plane?

No. They either go to museums or get torn apart.

Which one?

the f18 maverick or the f18 vampire

In the movie they just borrowed Navy planes for the filming.

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but can you buy them irl after they retire them?

It’s the same situation as before. No civilian can just buy a militarized jet. If they’re demilitarized, then theoretically, but that probably wouldn’t happen.

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ok well thank you for the help!

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the maverick plane was actually put into use with the blue angels 😁

John Travolta is probably one of the few pilots who can just buy one 🤣


if you try very hard, you can buy a demilitarized F-18 even now, but you must have a lot of money and no less connections in the government. Some even manage to buy Soviet fighters and transport them to the USA (Private MiG-29 moment)


That’s kinda cool to be honest, imagine flying to work in a fighter jet…

Boss: Why were you so late to work today.
You: The Air National Guard pulled over my F-16



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