Demand for a Hawaii Based VA

Hey guys! So as we all know, since the shutdown of Hawaiian Virtual, we haven’t had a VA based here in the islands. I’ve always been interested in creating my own VA, and I think that it would be nice to create one based out of one of the most beautiful places in the world. It would be an opportunity to show off some of the lesser known destinations in the islands to people only familiar with the larger airports of PHNL and PHOG. To get back to the point, I was just wondering if there was any demand for this sort of thing, or if it was already in the works. I’ve started working on it, but before I put too much into it, is this something that people want? Feel free to vote and leave your thoughts below. Thanks for your time!

  • I’d join in a heartbeat!
  • Sounds interesting
  • I’m not sure people want this
  • No way! We have enough VAs as it is

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Starting a VA is a lot of work, but a rewarding experience, especially if there is a demand within the community as indicated above. Definitely something I would check out. Good luck!


We had a Hawaiian VA. We got a copyright claim by Hawaiian Airlines for use of logo and name. We then changed to Aloha Virtual but that never got off the ground (never got re-VARB Approved)


There was an Hawaiian Air VA, idk what happened to them. If they aren’t around anymore, i think there would be interest

Edit… i forgot to hit post 10 min ago :/

I was planning on using Island Air’s name, I had thought I head something about thay copyright claim.

Yeah that whole group has a copyright claim out for logos and the use of name

But Aloha is a non copyright name me and Balloon were staff but we couldn’t get started

If you start a VA more power to you. It’s a lot of work! I was staff for one and it was very difficult. If you have it in you than you’ll do great! :)

@Balloonchaser well now if u have ur own flying club why don’t we just transfer ownership to @turtlebiscut and try to get approved?

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