Delta's new safety video

Delta’s new funny safety video


Another intriguing airline safety video haha.


Much better, thanks for keeping things on the lane👍🏽😌😉

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This the best I have seen

LOL😂😂😂😂 more funny is that it have the nyan cat, you know, the cat with a cookie body and spreads a rainbow trace😹


At least they still keep that hahahaha

No smoking hahaha


Lovely haha lol

Amazing lol Idea, nice job.


I like it. Especially when someone placed a Pizza on the overhead compartment. But overall, I like the safety video. Delta is so creative on making safety videos ;)

Don’t forget to check this version ;)

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Problely the most funnyest safely video ever made 😂.

the charlie bit my finger bit was the most bland part. but generally liked the video XD and um the guy with the life jacket… hot…

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Yea that’s my favourite part Carson

That video of the nyan cat made me laugh😂

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Another one? Delta is an amazing airline that really makes safety interesting. (Also, I really love the background music!Da bum da bum bum, da bum da bum bum

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