Delta's Hub At KATL All The Way To KEWR

Delta’s Hub At KATL All The Way To KEWR

With the FNF going on today, I decided to fly from Atlanta to New York, but due to a mishap, I ended up landing at Newark. However, landing at Newark allowed me to get some really nice pictures! I’d like to share them to you here.

Flight Details

Atlanta To Newark
Delta B777-200LR
Flight Time Of 1 hr 30 minutes, delayed to 2 hours 21 minutes
Server: Expert

Parked in KATL next to @thenewpilot and @Lufthansa2.

Taking off Runway 27R if I’m not mistaken in my majestic 777-200LR.

Well, we’ve taken off and up in the air! Just a few feet off the runway

Meanwhile, a Delta and another Southwest are closely taxiing next to each other… yikes!

I turned around from KATL and I’m on my way on the FPL… another airport is in sight below

I’m cruising above at the famous mark of FL350. 35,000 feet is a nice sight!

Up in the air. It’s time to fly by the horizon!

One of my most favorite edits to date… the approach at KEWR! I just can’t stop looking at it cause of the beautiful sunset!

Gear is down at KEWR, a nice sunset is enough for the lonely plane…

Thanks! I’ll see you next time!


Those are nice!

I like all the different filters you used :)

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Thank you @Armani_B! I’m especially happy about the second to last picture!

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What’s your favorite?

That approach pic looks so realistic… nice job!

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Thank you @Vignesh_S!

Um… not enough voter turnout here?

Hmm, the shots themselves are nice however I think that the colour mashup kinda ruined them. You know me, I’m a realism seeker so that’s just my opinion 😉


Well, I still feel like the mashups ended up better. That’s why I got the last 2 pictures to come out nicely. The others were good too, but then the EWR approach is always special for me.


Also that might just be the first time ever that a Delta 777 came to Newark. Certainly one of very few times that a Delta widebody was seen there in recent decades, that’s for sure.


Delta actually used to have a transatlantic hub at Newark. They did flights to Amsterdam, Paris, and Frankfurt.

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Corrected to being recent history. They did have a hub, but that was a very long time ago. And no DL 777 ever touched Newark’s runways.