Delta's first A220 Out Of The Paint Shop (Official This Time)

There you could vote for it! Sure, it won’t come for at least a few years because we need details and physics and everything, but if you’d like to show your support, you could vote there!

Thanks will vote for it for sure.Just need to unvote from one of my votes

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what engine model is it powered by? The Airbus Pratt and Whitney engines or the Bombardier GE engines?

It’s powered by PW1500G Geared Turbofan Engines.

so Pratt and Whitney then. That’s the same model as the 320, if I’m not mistaken right?

Actually the a320 family uses 4 types of engines.


PW1000G A320NEO

CFM Leap 1A A320NEO

IAE V2500


Cannot wait to fly this as I am in DLVA

yeah, I do see it. The front gear doors are really different though.

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Bombardier CSeries/Airbus A220 don’t forget to vote for this!

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