DeltaFox's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

Hey all! Welcome to my thread! I very much hope that this will help me be better with ATC and hopefully someday be IFATC!

Airport: KAUS

Pattern Work is allowed

Open RWY’s: 35L and 35R

GA is allowed

I will always be on both ground and tower

I will always be open for at least 20min

Status: CLOSED

I hope you all can get me prepared for IFATC!

Hey DeltaFox, I was was G-BOAT! Some things I saw in your operations today:

23:13:24: Good job with giving me an expected runway, that way I knew which way to face after pushback

23:15:26: Although I requested takeoff while remaining in the pattern, I did not receive a pattern direction (either left or right) so I chose to go left in this situation

23:20:22: Up until this point, I never received a landing clearance, which is the reason for this message, just a use as a friendly reminder for clearance!

23:20:57: There was my option clearance, good job in adding the left traffic on at the end, as you had not given me one before, the other thing is how late this message was though: I was on final for the runway when I received the clearance, you ideally want to give it somewhere in the early downwind leg

23:23:53: After I requested a change to runway 4, I never received a pattern entry command, which is needed in this situation, in this case it should have been: “G-BOAT, enter Left Downwind for runway 4” Although the time that you gave me my landing clearance was great!

23:28:54: My “Exit Runway” Command was given pretty late, I was already starting my turn onto the taxiway at this point. Ideally this should be given at around 55-70 knots.

23:29:14: Good Taxi command

Overall, you did a decent job, although I would suggest working on the pattern entry commands and the timing of these commands, when you are able to time these correctly it should work well overall! Feel free to tag me when you open again!


Hello! thank you for your response! yes I agree I need more practice with pattern work I honestly was just guessing to do this or that and your response really helped me understand more what I need to do in that situation. and for the late exit RWY command I was just to focused watching you land and was nervous since I was giving instructions to an IFATC, I usually do just fine with that instruction. I appreciate this response a lot!

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Sorry for some reasons I have been disconnected, I will join back later

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Feedback from N17EE

[00:12:42Z] - Transition should of been 3,000 not 1,000 , here’s how to calculate it. You take the airport elevation in which case KACY’s is 75 feet then you add 2,500 which equals 2,575 then round to the nearest 500 which equals 3,000.

[00:16:18Z] - If an aircraft requests inbound for touch and go , you must give them an pattern entry ( enter l/r downwind , l/r base , straight in ) , then give them an sequence if there are no planes to sequence them to , then you can give the clearance for " cleared for the option. Also on an airport like KACY you should preferably give me pattern work for 31 / 12 not 4/22 .

Summary - Since I wasn’t there for too long this is all the feedback I’ve managed to gather. Also it’s recommend that you open airports that have parallel runways as this is apart of what you’ll be tested on ( practical ). Airports like KIND , KSDF , KAUS , KMEM , are some good ones aswell. I’ll leave some additional resources for you below aswell.


Ending Remarks - I advise you go through the resources listed below as thoses should reallly help you ! Have an nice rest of your day / night :)


Thanks for the feedback! I never done transitions before so I appreciate so what I need to do in that situation. at the end of my run which I think was when you were there I A. Had an good amount on tower and ground B. I was entering a movie theater at the time you were around so I tried my best to multitask, but if you want to come to my next one I can give 100% focus so I will hopefully make some better decisions

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That’s fine , feel free to tag me when your next open .

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Tag me too. I’m willing to join in.

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Ok, sounds good!

ATTENTION im open one more time tonight at KBOI @Tsumia @Nee and @KTJ_Mitchell if you guys want to come im open one more time tonight!

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I won’t have time tonight sorry about that .


its fine its a late one anyways.

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Good session today, @DeltaFox!

Well calculated cruise altitude and good anticipated spacing.


  • Wrong pattern entry for 10L, as an enter base was given despite me barely being on crosswind, enter left downwind would have been fine and I could navigate from there.

  • No need for a pattern entry for every pattern/T&G I do. If no one else is in the pattern, just clear for the option as soon as you can. If someone else is in front, a simple sequence and clearance would do.

  • There was zero reason for you to change the runway I am landing on. Only do so if they ask for a runway change, which neither me or @Hogwyld did, and we were constantly alternating between runways for no particular reason.

  • A pattern instruction isn’t always needed for every pattern. For example, on the first pattern I did after I embarrassingly crashed, an “after the option make left traffic” instruction was given, which was not necessary because I already got it when cleared for takeoff. Only do it for those inbound from outside the airspace, or after a runway change.

  • Late touch and go clearances. Remember to do it as soon as you can whenever no one else is on the pattern.

  • Early exit runway instruction, remember to do it at a safe speed. As per the IFATC manual:

The Exit Runway command should be given once the aircraft is at a safe and controlled speed, typically less than 70kts (see 3.5.2 below for exceptions) . The expedite command should not be used unnecessarily. Typically aircraft that are within 2nm final or 3nm final if another aircraft is lined up on the runway to depart, would require the use of this.

That’s all I’ve got for you. Happy controlling!

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@Tsumia Thank you very much for the feedback! I am getting much better with pattern work with all this and im sure if I keep this pace up I should be perfect with pattern instructions. this is my first time doing patterns on parallel RWYs as well so this is good to know!