Delta319's Photoshop Express tracking thread


Hello all,
I recently got PSX, but I don’t have anything to do!
So, why not have my fellow community friends give me photos to edit?

Here’s what I can do:

  • FILTERS! I can do a whole bunch with these…

What I can’t do:

  • Add/Delete stuff (I know, it stinks…)

Here’s an example of my work:

To this:

Anyway, I’d like to test my graphic arts skills! Gimme anything! I’m up for the challenge.


Can real world aviation pictures count?


Yes. the two IF pics were just an example.
Any requests @BigBert10?


I like the edit you’ve done, however go easy on the saturation!


Standby, I got school right now.


See what you can do with that one 😉


Ok. Gimme a few hours…
Got homework
EDIT: almost done


@Josh here ya go:


Do somthing good with this!


That’s already a great photo!


I know, my dad took it (I am the kid in the white hoidie with the Ipad) I think he rook it to make me realize how stupid I look taking pictures of planes with an IPad…


@KPIT here you go:


Anything you can do to this beauty?


Meanwhile Inside The Cockpit

Bank angle, Bank Angle
Too Low Gear, Too Low Gear
Sinkrate, Pull Up, Sink Rate, Pull Up


uhhhh… sure. Gimme a moment
Edit: you’re gonna need to wait. PSX is not working and I’ve got school @icegamesHD


If you want something fast I made this for you

Bit of a dramatic look to it. (Not sure if that’s what you wanted)

Anyway @Delta319 I really like your photoshop but maybe you might want to put a bit less saturation 😉(just to make them a bit more realistic…)
For example your first photoshop I made like this 👇. A bit less saturation. (Obviously then it’s personal preference)


Thanks! It looks reak good


Ok. Since @Captain_Zen did that one for me, I’m now taking requests


I am currently taking requests. Post your photos for me to edit.


Open for requests. Post your photos here!