Delta319's ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ N/A

hello everyone! i’ve finally decided to embark on the long and winding road to get to IFATC.

format will look like this:

Status: Open/Closed

Airport: XXXX
open until: ##:##
NOTAMS: abcdefg

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Status: Closed

Airport: KATL
Open until: 2019-06-01T18:45:00Z
NOTAMS: 26/27/28 side is in use. spawn accordingly.
Winds 280 @ 11

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Status: Closed

Airport: LROP
Open until: 2019-06-08T00:45:00Z
NOTAMS: 26s in use. Spawn accordingly.
Winds 270 @ 3

Hey there! I was TC-JON.

Excellent controlling! Didn’t notice any issues. Ground, pattern instructions, transition, inbound pattern entry, clearances – all perfectly done! Wish there were others in the pattern, but maybe next time. :)

If you have not done so already, I’d really recommend scheduling a training session with IFATCs using their form. I did a session a couple of days ago and thought it was an invaluable experience.

Good luck in your journey to IFATC!


thanks for the info! Unfortunately, I’ve yet to contact a recruiter but I plan to do so this weekend.
Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you again.

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Status: Closed

Airport: MMUN
Open until: 2019-06-14T02:55:00Z
NOTAMS: 12s in use. spawn accordingly.
Winds 130 @ 7

I’m on my way. Pattern work?

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yessir patterns are encouraged. just beware of the weather glitch

When I reach the runway clear me for backtaxi on tower please

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you aren’t supposed to tell me that ._.

i know :))) i just want to practice backtaxi

Nevermind, had to go

welp then lol

Home much longer do you plan on staying open for?

there you go

Fair enough😂

okay im coming back

hurry up i’m closing shop soon

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rip didnt even finish taxi

Status: Closed

Airport: GCLP
Open Until: 2019-06-14T21:20:00Z
NOTAMS: 03 Runways in use. Spawn Accordingly
Winds 20 @ 13