Delta21’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Greetings it’s David I was wondering if people would like to join Seattle international airport at 3:40 I just wanted to practice my ATC skills I would love to join the expert server next month and join the awesome ATC community in Infinite Flight thanks very much appreciated

I am not the best at ATC but trying my best

Can people tell me if I am doing something wrong or if there was a better way of doing something

Airport: SeaTac
Sever: Training server
Status: Open
Arrival runway 34R
Departing runway is 34R
Frequencies tower and ground
Pattern work allowed

If ATC expert knows a better traffic flow at Seattle please let me know



I’ll come along now

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You can feel free to tag me when you open. I can’t come by now but if I’m free for future sessions I will!

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Feedback G-BRAD

  • Try to wait for me to report ready to taxi before issuing a taxi clearance

  • For aircraft remaining in the pattern, you need to issue a pattern direction with the takeoff command

  • Don’t be afraid to clear me for the option as soon as you know my sequence isn’t going to change, the clearance was non existent on the first pattern

  • On my second pattern, I should have been given a sequence to follow D-BLCK

  • On a runway change, you need to issue a pattern entry, it would have been right downwind in this case, and then I should have been cleared for the option, not to land.

Thanks for taking the time to practice your skills!

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Ok thx you for all this information very much appreciated and will work on it thx you for coming

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That’s what we like to hear! Feel free to tag me next time you open

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Hey man,

thx for having me. My feedback (D-BLCK):

  • I did request remaining in the pattern 34R. You missed to give me a pattern entry (left or right) with the initial clearance for runway 34R. Without I do not know which planes to follow that are already in the pattern or inbound.
  • you missed to sequence me after Bradders777x
  • why did you deny my request for a runway change? Traffic did permit it at this time.
  • I didn’t get a clearance. This was the reason I did a go around.
  • after my missed approach I still belong to my initial runway. In this case 34R. The right command here: go around, make right traffic RW 34R, No 2 (seq), Traffic to follow is on right downwind (Bradders) and clearing me as No 2 for the option (which means: touch and go, land)

I would highly recommend to familiarize yourself with the ATC manual ground/tower.

See you next time.

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Ok will probably do another practice tomorrow and will for sure tag you u are very helpful thx you from the bottom of my heart take care and have a great day

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Thanks for all the feed back it looks like I do not belong in the ATC it seems like I don’t know much like I though I did and did some research so thanks for your time and helpfulness

Nah, don’t get it wrong. These are your first steps. Do them one by one. Don’t let it get yourself down. Start reading the manual carefully. Without you barely get a chance to understand what we guys are feedbacking. This may sound complicated and frankly speaking: it is in the beginning. After a couple of runs and with the manual you get a hang to it. And fly some pattern yourself, when you enter the expert server. Try to understand what ATC is doing there :)
And I can also recommend Tyler’s YT videos. They’ll help you alot! See you next time out there.


This absolutely, we all started somewhere, I had no idea what I was doing when I first started, but with practice anyone can get to IFATC with a bit of focus and determination


Thanks for you understanding and time and help

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Feel free to tag me when you open and I’ll do my best to come by!

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Yeah me too


Ping me next time please

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