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Delta Airlines !

So, you just made a topic to say delta is your favorite airline?

Yikes! Can you help me reply to a comment

Getting used to this so I don’t really recall.

What are you trying to say?

In the category: Favorite Airline, I wanna know how to say my favorite airline on that category…

You just say,“My favorite airline is Delta.” on the actual topic.

Yes, but instead of making a new Thread or Topic.

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Go on the Favourite Airline topic,scroll to the bottom press reply and say your favorite airline is Delta.

Ok, thank you ! So do you know how to delete this?

You just need to wait for a moderator to close it. I can make it so the title says closed before it if you want.

Sure. Thanks again Caleb.

-Matthew I’ll see you on IF ;)

@Carson, can you please close this! :)

thank, you.

Accidental Topic