Delta Widget DC-10

Hello IFC!
This is an feature request for the Classic Delta Livery on the DC-10 (N907WA)


Delta used this DC-10 shortly after the merge of Western airlines, although they only had a short life. If we have the delta MD11, we should have the delta DC-10

In my opinion, it is a pretty nice livery, especially the nose and the tail are looking good on this livery. It doesn’t have winglets though
I also think this livery should be added because IF lacks old livery’s.

Now, some more history:
This livery is called “Delta Widget” and got introduced by Delta in 1962. Mostly Convair airplanes and DC-8’s had this livery at the introduction. About 3 years later it was introduced on the DC-9 and in 1970 on the 747 with a small change on the text and the font. 1972 then on the 727, 1973 on the Lockheed L-1011 , 1974 on the DC-10 (which we have in if), 1976 there was a widget livery on the L-1011 with white Stars and Stripes on the door logo, 1982 delta introduced the livery on the 767, 1983 (or earlier) on their 1000th 737, 1987 or earlier on the 757, 1988 on more modern 737s (300-, 400-,), 1991 on the A300(or A310), 1994 they were to be seen on the MD-80s, 1995 on the MD11, and was retired by the Ron Allen livery in 1997.

1976, the widget livery on the L-1011 was specially repainted with Stars and Stripes to make a patriotic look into Delta.
1981 there was a “Delta Salutes the Georgian Bulldogs” livery on a widget DC-8 as the Bulldogs football team leaves for the Sugar bowl in New Orleans.

1982 there was a special livery on a widget 767 “The Spirit of Delta” as a appreciation for Delta in difficult economical times, being purchased by employees who raised 30 million dollars in 1982. This 767 was repainted back to the special livery before being transported to the Delta Flight Museum in 2006. It still has this livery to this day.

It would be very cool to have this livery, so what are you waiting for?
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Thank you!

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If I am not wrong, it’s kind impossible to this livery come in and future update, because the devs are only adding liveries which are currently operating


We definitely need more votes for this amazing livery

But in the livery’s defense, no one is flying the DC-10 commercially atm

Your joking right?
Ofc this livery needs be added.

The DC10 and MD11 are the exception. They exist for the sole purpose of retro liveries


I agree

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Shine light on this aircraft from the past!

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