Delta Virtual | Short Haul Sundays #1 @ KJFK - 221800ZAPR18


As soon as you see the title, the first thing that will come to mind is “Hmm, what is Short Haul Sundays?” Well, Short Haul Sundays is one of the finest event series out there, with a unique concept flying unique routes! These events are ones you would not want to miss as they feature the best of the best when it comes to Delta’s short-haul routes. This series features some of Delta’s codeshares, some of our ‘Decades’ routes, and some overall fun routes to fly! So join Delta Virtual as we embark on this completely new journey as we soar to the beautiful skies and seas of the Bahamas. Departing from ‘The Big Apple,’ ‘The City that Never Sleeps,’ New York City, and ending up down at the home of Atlantis, this event is one you’d really want to attend. So sign up while you can! Hope you guys enjoy this!

Server: Expert

Date: 4-22-18

Departure Time: 1800Z


EST 2:00pm
CST 1:00pm
MST 12:00pm
PST 11:00am

Expected Flight Time - 2 hours 41 minutes

Arrival Time: 2045Z


EDT 4:45pm
CDT 3:45pm
MDT 2:45pm
PDT 1:45pm

Cruise Altitude: FL360, 36,000ft

How it's done - Climb

Flaps set to °2 for take off / Stay below 100%N1
-Takeoff under 200KIAS until 4000ft - 2500fpm
-Climb to FL100 from KIAS - 3000fpm
-Climb to FL170 from cruise speed M.80 (300KIAS until cross over altitude) - 3000fpm
-Climb to FL200 from cruise speed - 3000fpm
-Climb to FL250 from cruise speed - 2600fpm
-Climb to FL300 from cruise speed - 2100fpm
-Climb to FL330 from cruise speed - 1800fpm
-Climb to FL360 from cruise speed - 1400fpm

How it's done - Descent

Begin descent 130NM out of (MYNN)
-2000fpm until at FL200
-1300fpm until at FL090 / Slow down at FL140
-1000fpm until you intercept ILS

Departure Airport: (John F. Kennedy International Airport) / (KJFK)
Arrival Airport: (Lynden Pindling International Airport) / (MYNN)

Aircraft: (Airbus A319) (Delta Livery)

Flight Plan:


Fuel: 10,234kg // 22,562lb

Passengers: 7,237kg // 15,955lb (94 souls)

Cargo: 3,201kg. // 7,057lb


KJFK-MYNN // M.80 at cruise alt. // expect possible minor turbulence // FPL made by @xSev (DLVA427) and is to be copied at KJFK after spawning in //

For more information check below ⬇

KJFK Charts: -
MYNN Charts: -

Request a spot to be added to the list! // Pushback order from top to bottom on gate list

Terminal 2:

Gate C70: @xSev - DLVA427
Gate C69: @Twocflyer- DLVA1406
Gate C68: @TheDeltaFlyerr - DLVA435
Gate C67: @Bigballin2u - DLVA0824
Gate C63: @Michael_McMurray - DLVA1185
Gate C62: @Transport_Hub - DLVA0295
Gate C61: @Jmacd20 - DLVA1224
Gate S:
Gate O: @LennyD - DLVA1804
Gate P: @Pranay - DLVA111
Gate L: @Omar_DeWindt - DLVA7421
Gate B: @anon2063420 - DLVA67
Gate D: @kyle.r24 - DLVA653
Gate J: @Ozzy - DLVA136
Gate F: @AsorbMC - DLVA886

Terminal 4:

Gate B20: @antoineafr - AFKLM116
Gate B22: @kznawsm -DLVA328
Gate B24: @Leonard_Paulson - DLVA702
Gate B25: @Game_player
Gate B26: @anon36731834 - AF/KLM227
Gate B27: @metro - DLVA1304
Gate B28: @AmarKler - AFKLM218
Gate B29: @UpgradeMe - DLVA87
Gate B30: @gsbharaj
Gate B31: @Sherbert342 - DLVA342
Gate B32: @Steven_Citrin - DLVA8493
Gate B33: @Hockeyman_02 - DLVA114
Gate B34: @PlaneCrazy - Delta 202
Gate B35: @Captain-Daniel - AFKLM109
Gate B36:
Gate B37:
Gate B38:
Gate B39:
Gate B41:
Gate A2:
Gate A3:
Gate A4:
Gate A5:
Gate A6:
Gate A7:

(More spots will be open if need be)

imageWho are We?

Delta Virtual


About us

Delta Virtual is one of the most unique VA’s you’ll see in the database. We go by the real meaning of quality over quantity. This means that we take a lot of pride in providing our pilots with a friendly, enthusiastic environment. From the moment you enter our slack onward you will notice our superb activity and warm environment. With 300+ flights being logged every week, we show that we are a force to be reckoned with in the VA business. We have multiple perks when it comes to flying. This gives our pilots a bigger incentive to fly and gain up hours.

From private jets, to decade routes, DLVA has it all! A medallion system that mimicks the real life Delta medallion system to its closest ability! So many amazing things, and thats just a small portion of what we have here at Delta Virtual. So what are you waiting for? Apply now and become the newest Delta Virtual pilot today!

Where we Fly

Delta Virtual offers nearly 1,200 routes all hand put into our database so the search for one is painless. With our 14 hubs in 3 different continents, we truly have a diverse route section. From a hub in Japan to a hub in New York, we have Delta routes to every one of the six populated continents. With routes as short as 20 minutes and routes as long as 16 hours, we are guaranteed to have a flight that fits your timeframe perfectly!

In addition to our wide variety of routes, we operate codeshares with fellow skyteam partners, decades routes in our database, and private jets routes! With decades routes you are given the ability to fly a historic route of the ‘pre-merger’ Delta and Northwest. This gives you the ability to fly some of DLVA’s most exclusive and illustrious aircraft such as the MD-11 and B742. DL Private Jets routes have no limits. It’s simple, you fly from KCVG to literally anywhere in the world that you wish! Whether it be your home town, or a dream vacationing spot, you can fly there in your small Citation X.

So what are you waiting for? To experience us to the fullest, join Delta Virtual today to start your career in Infinite Flight aviation and an experience to last.

Delta Virtual - Building a better airline for global, not just a bigger one.


What we’re using:
KJFK Charts:
MYNN Charts:
Delta Virtual:


Can I have a gate please?


Of course you can, see ya there!

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You know I’ll be there :) DLVA1185


Yep, see ya there! C63 for you

I’ll be there, hopefully! I’ll take a gate! DLVA0295


gate please and thanks


@Jmacd20 @Transport_Hub both of you are signed up, see you there!

I’d like a gate, DLVA981


I’ll have a gate, DLVA111


Alright, I’ve signed you up. See you there!

I’ll try and attend! DLVA886

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Im back so sign me up!


Looks like a fun one. Sign me up, please. DLVA7421


Sad I can’t be there for this one! Happy flying everyone

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Gate please! DLVA653


DLVA136 will be there! ;)


Nice event, i would like to join as AFKLM116 :)


@anon2063420 @AsorbMC @Omar_DeWindt @kyle.r24 @Ozzy @antoineafr

All of you have been signed up, see you guys there!


A gate for me please. DLVA328