Delta Virtual’s Parallel Piloting @ KSAN/KSEA - 291900ZFEB20

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Event Coordinators

This event is brought to you by the Delta Virtual Event Team in coordination with the Delta Virtual Board of Directors.

Come fly with Delta Virtual as we enjoy the wonderful west coast scenery between two bustling and unique airports! This adventure is sure to be a memorable one as two lines of aircraft will fly parallel to each other at just a 1,000 foot difference!

Server: Expert Server

Aircraft: Boeing 737-800

Livery: Delta Airlines

Route: KSAN (San Diego) - KSEA (Seattle Tacoma) or KSEA (Seattle Tacoma) - KSAN (San Diego)

Time: 2020-02-29T19:00:00Z

Flight Time: 2 hours 30 minutes

Flight Plan - Image

Actual flight plan will be provided on the day of the event. SID and STAR charts will be provided as well.

Reserving a gate is easy and open to ANY and ALL pilots of the Infinite Flight Community!

Simply post below asking for a gate to join the flight. Please include your callsign, and your requested route! You will be placed in the next available gate and are all set. You will be tagged in a response confirming that you are attending.

If there is a difference of five pilots for one flight over the other, signups for the larger flight will be halted until the difference reduces. This is in order to balance out the parallel running lines!

DLVA members are asked to give their DLVA callsign with their signup post.

Gates: KSEA Departures
Gate Pilot Callsign
A01 @Will_A DLVA316
A02 @ThomasThePro DLVA07
A03 @MDoor DLVA4254
A04 @Brandon_Biaesch DLVA427
A05 @Jack_Q N24320
A06 @Alex_Kyte DLVA1095
A07 @USA007 DLVA67
A08 @Chris_Hoover DLVA1030
A10 @Jmacd20 DLVA1224
A11 @GlobalFlyer1 A416MX
A12 @Plnelovr DLVA42
A13 @Zach007 DLVA007
A14 @Armani_B Delta 8055
B1 @AlaskaFlyer03 DLVA635
B3 @elovelin DLVA0818

Gates: KSAN Departures
Gate Pilot Callsign
Gate 33 @Delta319 DLVA34
Gate 34 @SirMarkieMark DLVA1906
Gate 35 @Aceorbit DLVA452
Gate 35 @Lorenzo_Rivera DLVA2402
Gate 36
Gate 37
Gate 38
Gate 39
Gate 40
Gate 41
Gate 42
Gate 43
Gate 44

More gates can be added if necessary!

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I’ll grab a gate departing from KSEA!

DLVA316. Thanks!

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Gate from KSEA ! :)


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I’ll take a SEA departure gate. DLVA4254

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Everyone’s gates requests above have been added.

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I’ll take a KSEA gate. DLVA427. Thank you!

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I will take a KSEA Gate! My callsign is N24320.

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@Brandon_Biaesch and @Jack_Q your gates have been reserved


Gate departung from SEA please.


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@Alex_Kyte your gate has been reserved.


Im in DLVA67 departing out of KSEA

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@USA007 your gate has been reserved.

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SAN gate 33 please and thank you! (DLVA34)

Gate 34 from SAN please

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DLVA1030 out of SEA so I can be with @MDoor and @Alex_Kyte 😀😀😀


I’ll take a gate departing from Seattle! Callsign is A416MX, and thank you!

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I’ll take a KSEA departure, callsign DLVA42

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I’ll take KSEA, DLVA220

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I’ll take a a trip from the sandy beaches of San Diego! Drop me a gate from there with DLVA452 please! :)

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DLVA007 our of Sea Tac please

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