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Event today 👀👀👀👀


It’s been a week since I applied can I get a update?

i will be applying on Jan. 25th (my 15th birthday)!


Hey Alina,

I don’t see your application in our current log. I’ll send you a DM.

-MrMrMan, VA Manager

congrats on being ranked the best VA of 2020 :)

unfortunately i can’t join cuz i’m still grade 2 :(

I was like: lemme join DLVA then i jumped when i saw the age requirement :(. Amazing thread and would love to join but sadly i can’t oof, i wish all of DLVA a happy new year tho


Considering I’ve been in DLVA for quite some time its a surprise I haven’t left my review. In my opinion, DLVA is the best virtual airline on the IFC today and is actually the sole reason I still play Infinite Flight. The environment is unparalleled, the members are always very cheerful and diverse and the staff are always incredibly helpful and always go above and beyond to make sure your experience is as great as possible. The age restriction, although somewhat higher than most VAs on the IFC allows for a more mature slack. The pilot cap as well keeps the VA small enough to the point where you are able to make friends quite easily and actually connect with people as opposed feeling as if you are drowning in a sea of people. The route diversity is amazing with access to a large portion of the SkyTeam network as well as all of Delta’s routes and it is consistently updated by the hub captains to be as accurate to real life as possible which I really enjoyed. The events held on a consistent schedule are always unique and by attending you are awarded with event rewards which give you additional benefits within the VA. I really enjoy the event rewards system which is in contrast to some VAs which have an activity requirement to attend events. Overall, DLVA is a fantastic experience that extends outside of just the Infinite Flight world, often creating real life friendships between members at meet ups and events. Its one of the best kept secrets of the IFC!


How long do I have to wait to reapply?

I’m patiently waiting 239 days until I turn 15…


I’m just waiting 359 days until I can turn 15 and join

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I’ll just wait 206 days until I turn 15 and join…

we’ll be waiting for yall

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Since the max member count looks outdated (Sept 2019) is this VA still accepting applicants?

Absolutely! We’re always accepting applications, however, there might be a short waitlist before you actually get added


I really like long haul flights and that is what i specialize in so i am applying now but can i do long haul flights instead because i devote a ton of time on the a350 but i also spend a lot of time on the 757

i’ll definitely apply later today when i have some time!

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Upon gaining the required hours, yes, you will be able to fly as many long hauls as you’d like! All pilots start out with regional flights, however, and no exceptions will be made to our rank structure.


how does career mode work

how long does it take to get off the waitlist

Since you don’t meet our IFC duration requirements, you will be on the waitlist until you do. Regarding career mode, we create a storyline for our pilots to follow. Thanks for showing interest in the VA and we’ll be happy to have you once you meet our requirements!