Delta Virtual Official Thread | Together, We Soar | Over Five Years of Excellence

DLVA is awesome! Happy to be a part of it!


Hi, I took the test on October 28th and it says it hasn’t been 2 weeks. Any help?

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looks good

Howdy! I’ll send a DM your way.

Love flying for DLVA. I have had an awesome time representing the delta colors!


We at Delta Virtual are proud to announce the latest initiative from DLVA! This time, it is not just about flying, but about promoting the Well-Being of our pilots!

Well-Being, a brand new initiative led by DLVA Staff, is all about positivity and motivation in helping our pilots live healthily!

From working out, walking, running, riding a bike and other physical activities, to helping our pilots achieve personal goals in their lives, DLVA Well-Being is a new push to promote healthy living!

Through positive feedback and a channel in Slack centered all around motivation and energy, to a competition that is going to have DLVA Pilots work together to run, walk, ride a bike or do whatever they can to earn miles together to complete a real-world Delta flight - we are about being together in this initiative!

DLVA Well-Being is open to all pilots of Delta Virtual now!


I used to be in this VA it was amazing the pilots made me feel at home, but my sub ran out. :( am I able to re apply?

We would love to have you back! DM me and I’ll get you back in DLVA. @Pertonics


While our event is coming soon, mark your calendar’s for Dec. 26, 27 and 28 for a three-day celebration of the third anniversary of Delta Virtual!

Info coming soon!


It’s been 3 days since I applied and still no response. I also passed the Written Test.

We’ve got your application, was actually looking at them earlier. I believe we have 9 pilots waiting to join right now, so as slots open up, we’ll bring new members in. Shouldn’t be too long of a wait.

See you soon!

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Okay makes sense. Thank you for the response :)

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On this day three years ago, Delta Virtual was founded by @anon2063420. Today, we celebrate our VA’s third anniversary and what DLVA has become over the years. We started out with manual work from the staff for all PIREPs, medallions, and logs, and today we have a state-of-the-art website that continually improves and makes all VA operations as easy as can be for our pilots. By striving to uphold the highest standards, we create a positive environment which our pilots enjoy and thrive in.

Earlier this year, Delta Virtual started our Pilot Academy, which not only revolutionized the way we teach pilots of procedures and processes of the sky, but aims to make our pilots the absolute best in Infinite Flight. Our curriculum, aided by real-world pilots and IFATC Officers, ensures that our pilots receive the best info possible, and makes them as good as they can be.

With the help of our Hub Captains, we ensure that the Route Database is continually being updated with real-world information from Delta and its codeshare partners. With more than 1,500 routes, we bring a seemingly endless amount of routes to fly, day in and out.

Of course, none of the operations at Delta Virtual could be done without our stellar Board of Directors, Support Team and EACH and EVERY ONE of the DLVA Pilots, both past and present, that make DLVA what it is today.

We thank you for supporting us through three years of operations, and we’re looking forward to the years ahead.

See you in the skies!
Delta Virtual Board of Directors

What are you waiting for? Join DLVA Today!

At Delta Virtual, we have a limit for our accepted pilots. The pilot limit is currently set at 200.

You may still apply if we are at our maximum pilot limit but you will be put on a wait-list. You will know if there is a wait-list by seeing a warning message while you are applying.

To apply to be a Pilot at Delta Virtual, you are required to meet these requirements:

  • Ability to access our communication source which is the Slack App. Slack-iOS-icon
  • At least 15 years of age.
  • No more than 50% violation to landings ratio.
  • Must be at least Grade 3 and have access to the Expert Server.
  • Well maintained standing on the Infinite Flight Community.
  • Must pass the Written Application Test when applying.

Apply Here

After application has been submitted, please be patient as a member of the DLVA Staff will be in contact with you as time permits. Please note that our Recruitment Team has the ability to deny any Pilot Application.

Need Help Before Applying to be a Pilot Here at Delta Virtual?
We are always open to answer all your questions. We have two main options for requesting support; you have the ability to contact us via email by filling out this support form and our team will get in contact with you within 48 hours. If you are looking for more of a live chat and quicker response, please contact us via our social media on Instagram through a Direct Message. We look forward to assisting you!

Infinite Flight Delta VA is not affiliated with, endorsed , or sponsored by Delta Air Lines Inc.
All Delta logos are registered trademarks of Delta Air Lines and are used by Licensee under license from Delta Air Lines Inc.


Dear DLVA Staff,

Man it has already been 3+ years since I have gotten myself involved in the VA community, and ever since then, DLVA has been a VA I have used as an example to help better my own VA (AAVA) back when I was CEO there. Now, I am not one to be easily impressed, but DLVA’s amazing enviornment, pilot perks and its strive to improve pilot experience has impressed me since the beginning.

Now here we are, I help oversee the VA community. My role may have changed, but my opinion about DLVA has not.

I write this to you as a thank you for the opportunity to make new friends, participate in an amazing VA, and to also congratulate you on your three years here in the community. As you know, many VAs do not make it as far as you all have, and you should be proud.

Once again, congratulations you guys, you should all be so proud of yourselves. This reply is the least I can say and do to give back for the opportunities you provide for not only myself, but the greater VA community. Cheers everyone, and happy holidays.



So I hear there’s a waiting list at DLVA, I’ve not sent my app yet I’ve still got 21 days to do that.
Is there a estimated wait time for the waiting list though. Thanks.

We currently have 16 pilots waiting to join. As the dust from the holidays settle, I expect we’ll be getting new pilots in here shortly. In other words… soon™️.

It wouldn’t hurt to apply now so that you can get in as soon as possible.


Another year comes to a close on the Infinite Flight Community! We at Delta Virtual wish you a very happy New Year and we look forward to flying with you all as we depart into a new decade!


@MDoor can’t wait to welcome new pilots to his boarding school


Are we calling the experimental lab a boarding school now? I mean you do get adjusted in one way or another at both.


I haven’t gotten a response for about a month now.