Delta Virtual Official Thread | Together, We Soar | Over Five Years of Excellence

Nice new thread. Glad to be a part of this VA.


Once I’m 15 I’m totally applying if Delta is still around. I’ve been wanting to apply since I’ve seen Delta but I’ll have to wait a year till I can.


Great job on the new thread! Miss flying with y’all. All of the best!


Thanks sir! Always welcome back when able


Thanks to our new DLVA Event Team - we have our first official series from the group!

Make sure to get signed up and check out our DLVA Event System!


Delta Virtual is looking forward to the next edition of our Sky Team partner series! make sure you’re signed up today!


Hello, I applied for Delta Virtual 2 or 3 days ago now, and I still haven’t received an answer. Could I have one please 😅?
Or I need to use email ?

Hey there!

Including you, we’ve got six pilots waiting to join the VA. I expect y’all will be in shortly. Can’t give an exact timeframe, but it shouldn’t be too long.

See you in DLVA soon! 😄


DLVA is a great VA! I highly recommend joining it!


DLVA is awesome, just starting out with them and the community is great. Always something going on. @MDoor and staff does a great job in the pilot academy to get the new members started.


Thanks for the kind words @mike116119! The door is second to none in having DLVA pilots be the best out there!

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Delta Virtual continues to be at the forefront of the Infinite Flight Community as the VA marked another milestone on Wednesday, logging the 40,000th flight since the VA began keeping track nearly three years ago!

If you’re looking for a VA that is a family, is the most active, is the best place to grow your Infinite Flight skills, look no further than DLVA!


DLVA is awesome! Happy to be a part of it!


Hi, I took the test on October 28th and it says it hasn’t been 2 weeks. Any help?

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looks good

Howdy! I’ll send a DM your way.

Love flying for DLVA. I have had an awesome time representing the delta colors!


We at Delta Virtual are proud to announce the latest initiative from DLVA! This time, it is not just about flying, but about promoting the Well-Being of our pilots!

Well-Being, a brand new initiative led by DLVA Staff, is all about positivity and motivation in helping our pilots live healthily!

From working out, walking, running, riding a bike and other physical activities, to helping our pilots achieve personal goals in their lives, DLVA Well-Being is a new push to promote healthy living!

Through positive feedback and a channel in Slack centered all around motivation and energy, to a competition that is going to have DLVA Pilots work together to run, walk, ride a bike or do whatever they can to earn miles together to complete a real-world Delta flight - we are about being together in this initiative!

DLVA Well-Being is open to all pilots of Delta Virtual now!


I used to be in this VA it was amazing the pilots made me feel at home, but my sub ran out. :( am I able to re apply?

We would love to have you back! DM me and I’ll get you back in DLVA. @Pertonics