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Delta Virtual Airlines

Flying the IF skies since Dec. 26, 2016

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Since Dec. 26, 2016, Delta Virtual has been at the forefront of the Virtual Airlines Community on Infinite Flight. We pride ourselves on being more than just another VA, and being a community that is closer to a family. With group flights, events, partnerships, codeshares, and more, we bring IF pilots to places all around the world.

What makes Delta Virtual stand out is its innovation of the DLVA Pilot Academy, led by real-world pilots, as well as countless support within its Board of Directors, Support Staff, and community to uphold the highest standard within the Infinite Flight Community.

Delta Virtual is a proud member of the Sky Team Virtual Group.


State of the art


Board of Directors

Delta Virtual is unique, in which no single user serves as a CEO, instead, powers are shared between a Board of Directors with members that have been a part of the VA for no less than two years in their position.

Meet The Team

Support Staff

Working underneath of the DLVA BoD leadership team, is an instrumental group of Hub Captains, Route Managers, and Event Team Members.

Click to learn more about each role within our support staff.

Hub Captain

Hub Captains are a member of our DLVA Staff teams in terms of the IFVARB and are an instrumental role in helping in the day-to-day operations of the VA. Hub Captains lead their respective hubs, help welcome new members to their ranks, review pireps, and help train new members alongside the support of our Pilot Academy.

Route Managers

Delta Virtual has one of the most complex route systems within the Infinite Flight world. The route system was custom built and manually inputted by a team led by @CarlosFunes, and developed by @mwe2187

Our Route Managers make monthly reviews of DLVA routes based on hub assignments, and work to make sure all regular routes, and codeshares are available with updated aircraft and information from around the world based on the real-world Delta website. If you can book it on Delta dot com, you can find it at DLVA!

Members of our Route Manager team are considered support, and not staff members of the VA.


The Delta Virtual Event Team is a group of individuals that assists in the creation of both internal and IFC events for the VA.

DLVA prides itself on having on average, two events per week running back the last four years.


State of the art (800 × 400 px) (1)

Delta Virtual has a state-of-the-art route system replicating the real-world Delta Air Lines. If you can find it on Delta’s website, you can find it with Delta Virtual! DLVA features 14 hubs in which pilots call their home, while being able to explore the vast codeshare system that takes you to every continent.

As a member of Sky Team Virtual Group, pilots are able to connect their flights within the Delta + system, enabling them to take on some of the best flights from KLM, Air France, Korean Air, LATAM, and more!

Delta Virtual Hubs


  • Atlanta (KATL)
  • Austin (KAUS) // Focus City
  • Boston (KBOS)
  • Cincinnati (KCVG) // Focus City // Delta Private Jets
  • Detroit (KDTW)
  • Los Angeles (KLAX)
  • Minneapolis (KMSP)
  • New York (KJFK/KLGA)
  • Raleigh-Durham (KRDU) // Focus City
  • Salt Lake City (KSLC)
  • Seattle (KSEA)

DLVA will alter hubs and focused cities based on real-world operations.


  • Amsterdam (EHAM)
  • Paris (LFPG)
  • Tokyo (RJTT/RJAA)


Our Ranking System
Keeping things simple! The DLVA ranking system is a simple system to understand that features route types, rather than aircraft to fly. The first to switch to a real-life ranking system, DLVA helps open up the world as pilots earn their way to longer routes with the VA.

Ranking System Explained
  • Second Officer
    0-10 Hours
    Regional Routes
  • First Officer
    10-40 Hours
    Short Haul and Regional Routes
  • Senior First Officer
    40-100 Hours
    Medium Haul, Short Haul and Regional Routes
    Charter Flights
  • Captain
    100-200 Hours
    Long Haul, Medium Haul, Short Haul and Regional Routes
  • Senior Captain
    200+ Hours
    Ultra Long, Long Haul, Medium Haul, Short Haul and Regional Routes

Delta Virtual Operational Fleet
DLVA operates the largest fleet of aircraft within Infinite Flight with aircraft featuring the colors of Delta Airlines. Along with the Delta Liveries, our pilots have access to the Delta Airlines Codeshare Program that features liveries from Air France, KLM, Korean Air and Air Canada to name a few.

Fleet of Aircraft

The following aircraft are featured with the Delta livery:


  • A220 (BCS3)
  • A319
  • A320
  • A321
  • A333
  • A339
  • A359


  • B712
  • B738
  • B739
  • B744 (Legacy)
  • B752
  • B763
  • B77ER (Legacy)
  • B77LR (Legacy)
  • B788 (Charter)


  • CRJ2
  • CRJ7
  • CRJ9


  • E175


  • MD11 (Legacy)

Other DLVA Features

Delta +

Introduced in Summer 2018, Delta Virtual released the newest part of its Route Database.

Delta + expands the Delta Virtual route database to encompass the world and give our pilots the ability to take advantage of ALL routes that are available to Delta Airlines. This includes opening our database to the Sky Team Codeshares that include Air France, KLM, China Southern, Virgin Australia and Korean Airlines to name a few!

Delta Charters


Taking advantage of the history of Delta Airlines, Northwest Airlines, and our Sky Team Partners, DLVA features an enhanced charter system that allows the use of both legacy aircraft, and aircraft used for charters in the real world.

Delta Private Jets


Based out of Cincinnati, Delta has provided executive flyers the opportunity to fly around the world in private jet aircraft. Using this feature, DLVA has incorporated the Challenger 350 into its fleet for DPJ flights!

Delta Pilot Academy

Officially launched in 2018, the DLVA Pilot Academy has become a staple for our new and existing pilots alike. With the goal of making all of our pilots the absolute best in IF, our PA team of real-world pilots and IFATC specialists will teach you every subtle nuance of flying that you could possibly ask for. With our curriculum, we’ll ensure that you receive all of the knowledge needed to become an expert in no time.

Delta Career Mode

Coming to the VA in summer of 2019, the DLVA Career Mode took flying to the next level with a first-of-its-kind way to fly on Infinite Flight.

Powered by story lines, VA Pilots that have reached the level of captain or higher are challenged with a 30-flight story line that takes them through a two-week journey on IF. From Gol Airlines in the first release, to Air France in the second, Career Mode has been an exciting feature that brings the VA together around the world.

Untitled design (10)

Joining Delta Virtual


Currently, at Delta Virtual, we have a limit for our accepted pilots. The pilot limit is currently set at 200 pilots. (Updated Sept. 9, 2019).

Also, you may still apply if we are at our maximum pilot limit but you will be put on a wait-list. You will know if there is a wait-list by seeing a warning message while you are applying.

To apply to be a Pilot at Delta Virtual, you are required to meet these requirements:

  • Ability to access our communication source which is the Discord App
  • At least 15 years of age.
  • No more than 50% violation to landings ratio.
  • Must be at least Grade 3 and have access to the Expert Server.
  • Well maintained standing on the Infinite Flight Community.
  • Must pass the Written Application Test when applying.

Apply Here

After application has been submitted, please be patient as a member of the DLVA Staff will be in contact with you as time permits. Please note that our Recruitment Team has the ability to deny any Pilot Application.

Need Help Before Applying to be a Pilot Here at Delta Virtual?

  • Contact a member of our staff team via PM.

Infinite Flight Delta VA is not affiliated with, endorsed , or sponsored by Delta Air Lines Inc.
All Delta logos are registered trademarks of Delta Air Lines and are used by Licensee under license from Delta Air Lines Inc. in a signed agreement between DAL and the DLVA BoD.

Special Thanks for DLVA Thread Pics

DLVA would like to thank the following users for providing us with pictures used both within this thread, as well as upcoming promotional items posted on our IG.

@Apple_Haye, @sammy0909, @harrisonsauter111, @Delta21, @Delta319, @SirMarkieMark, @PilotMatt


That’s right IFC! Delta Virtual is back with its 2024 thread as we continue to upgrade the behind-the-scenes look of DLVA!

We’ve just launched our brand new crew center brought to us by Flare and have completed migration to the new CC! With that in mind, we have re-opened our applications for new pilots and look forward to new cadets joining the skies with us!

We are looking forward to our @IFVARB showcase taking place in February and can’t wait to see everyone there!


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