Delta Virtual | Continuing to Soar | Auto Medallions and New Career Mode!

Appreciate it @jakevaz423! Looking forward to when UVA and DLVA get to come together for another collab event soon!

Thanks @Hockeyman_02, you know how we do. gotta raise the bar every time ;)


@mwe2187 amazing thread, my brother! Great job to you and everyone on the DLVA team involved in making it happen.


Hi, I would like to join your VA, is there any place left?

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Hi @Georges180305, as mentioned, we are accepting applications but do have an active waiting list to get into the VA. If you check out the bottom of the thread it’ll have application info and waiting time info for you!

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Hi again, i wanted to submit an application but when I wanted to submit the test, this is what they told me: Invalid query Select * from tbl_users where gvauser_id =

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Because the amount of pilots increased from 140-175, how much has this shortened the waiting list?

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We’ll look into it right now!

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I was kicked out due to inactivity. Do you want me to re-apply or what?

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The wait list was shortened, however, we are cleaning things up on our website launch before we activate new years. We’re expecting to be opening up new pilot invites as soon as today, possibly tomorrow*

*Speculative as we’ve found a brief error with our invitations and are testing it out to make sure she’s working like she should!

Hit up @Kyle.r24 via a DM and he’ll get you onto our wait list for returning pilots

Sounds good, do you have an estimate for how long it would take for my specific invite?

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I hate to give time ranges as I don’t want to disappoint, but we have 24 spots currently open and a wait list of about 40 (dating back to our previous application system).

Wow, ok. Any preference for ATL residents? :)

Haha. Unfortunately, not :(

nice looking thread guys!


While we always appreciate the homegrown pilots, unfortunately just like Chick-fil-a, it doesn’t get you to the front of the line! Though we are working actively to get our application system ready for new invites very soon (hopefully by the end of day)

Look what VA finally caught up with times with a new VA account!


Wow, looks absolutely amazing. Great job guys.


Always rooting for you guys! Great thread and refresh ;)


Fingers crossed that we will be re-opening our pilot invitations today.


Fingers crossed I’ll be in those invitations ;)