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The Standard of the Infinite Flight Community
IFVARB Approved - December 26, 2016 | Apply | Support

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Welcome to the new Delta Virtual, the standard of what it means to be a virtual airline on the Infinite Flight Community. Launching October 14th, 2018, DLVA revolutionized its operating system, its standards, and brought our pilots into a whole new level for what should be expected out of one of the best VA’s to be a part of on the IFC. With special thanks to @Chris_S, @Brandon_K, and @GraceHopper DLVA launched a stand-alone operating system and control panel for its staff and pilots unlike any other.

We were officially recognized as a certified Virtual Airline by the IFVARB on Dec. 26, 2016 under the guidance of our former CEO, @anon2063420. In nearly two years of service, we have grown to be one of the largest VA’s on Infinite Flight. This number does not come without quality as we hold a very high standard of professionalism both on the IFC, the VA Community and on the IF Live Servers.

Delta Virtual is proud to announce the launch of a brand new website and control panel to take DLVA into the future. Created and designed by the DLVA support team, the new home of DLVA truly takes the VA to the next level.

Delta Virtual is proud to introduce to the IFC community, a one of a kind website and pilot control panel that has been built from scratch for the purposes of Delta Virtual as a standard of a VA website. From an active tracker of pilots in the skies that can help verify flights, to a route database system that is easily sortable, customizable, and editable to keep Delta Virtual up to date with the real-world airline.

Brand New Pilot Center

Adding convenience for our pilots, Delta Virtual is proud to introduce a new pilot center within our website that is easy to navigate and quickly find flights, file your flights, and see your updated rank as your flights are approved.


  • Detailed Route Information including Airport Charts, Decoded Flight Plans fit for Infinite Flight, and Airport Weather.
  • Personal Flight Tracking System with suggested altitudes, your live flight data, and it even detects what airport you are at and gives you the weather!
  • Detailed Live Flight Board with reporting system that detects if you are climbing, cruising, descending, or on ground at any airport.
  • Easy-to-use Flight Filing Center
  • Become a pilot today to see the rest of the features that our custom site has to offer!

Board of Directors
Delta VA has put together one of the most well equipped staff teams to run our daily operations. We do not have a set CEO which means we run Delta VA as a Board of Directors. Our board is active daily and are always available to answer any questions you may have and provide guidance. Take a look below at our upper management!

DLVA Board of Directors

imageedit_1_6894741613 @mwe2187 : DLVA Manager / Route Manager

imageedit_1_6894741613 @kyle.r24 : Chief Pilot / Instructor

imageedit_1_6894741613 @Vari2ty: Data Manager / Utility

imageedit_1_6894741613 @snowman102185 : Support / Utility

imageedit_1_6894741613 @CarlosFunes : Support / Utility

imageedit_1_6894741613 @Hopperbolic : Support / Utility

Support Staff
DLVA has put an emphasis on spotlighting our great pilots and their potential to grow with the VA into future positions. As such, we have a support team that has added an extra level of support to DLVA. They are also the ones who make our Website possible. Check them out below!

Support Staff

imageedit_1_6894741613 @Michael_McMurray : DLVA Pilot Academy Leader

imageedit_1_6894741613 @MrMrMan : Events Manager / Support

Hub Captains
Hub Captains are the newest level of support that work under the coordination of the Route Manager. Hub captains help oversee a hub, or group of hubs, within the VA and the routes assigned to them to make sure that DLVA has an up-to-date database that is accurate to the real-world airline.

From the heart of operations at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (KATL) in Atlanta, Georgia, to Narita International Airport (RJAA), DLVA takes you around the world between 14 different real-world hubs based on Delta Airlines. Between our hub-to-hub flights and flights from locations around the world, we offer our pilots more than 1,200 flights created to simulate realism. Our route database has been customized to mirror Delta as closely as possible, with aircraft selection for routes based on the real-life route database, including a future addition of multiple aircraft available on each route to increase realism.

New Pilot Hubs

KATL- Atlanta, Georgia

KDTW- Detroit Michigan

KMSP- Minneapolis, Minnesota

KJFK- New York City, New York

KSEA- Seattle, Washington

KSLC- Salt Lake City, Utah

Advanced Hubs

EHAM- Amsterdam, Netherlands

KBOS- Boston, Massachusetts

KCVG- Cincinnati, Ohio

KLAX- Los Angeles, California

KLGA- New York City, New York

KRDU- Raleigh, North Carolina (Focus City)

LFPG- Paris, France

RJAA- Narita, Japan

In order to give new pilots the best experience and ability to rank up with a wealth of routes, we have separated our hub selections for new users. As a pilot ranks up, they will have the ability to choose any of the DLVA Hubs

Introducing Delta +

Introduced in Summer 2018, Delta Virtual released the newest part of our Route Database.

Delta + expands the Delta Virtual route database to encompass the world and give our pilots the ability to take advantage of ALL routes that are available to Delta Airlines. This includes opening our database to the Sky Team Codeshares that include Air France, KLM, China Southern, Virgin Australia and Korean Airlines to name a few! Stay tuned to Delta Virtual as we release this exciting new route database to our pilots!

Delta Virtual Operational Fleet

DLVA operates the largest fleet of aircraft within Infinite Flight with aircraft featuring the colors of Delta Airlines. Along with the Delta Liveries, our pilots have access to the Delta Airlines Codeshare Program that features liveries from Air France, KLM, Korean Air and Air Canada to name a few.

Delta Fleet

Current Delta Virtual Fleet

Embraer 170

Bombardier CRJ-200

Bombardier CRJ-700

Bombardier CRJ-900

Airbus A319

Airbus A321

Airbus A330-300
A330-300](Infinte Flight Delta VA)

Boeing 717-200

Boeing 737-800

Boeing 737-900

Boeing 757-200

Boeing 767-300

Boeing 777-200ER

Boeing 777-200LR

Boeing 747-400 (Retired)

Codeshare Operations

In addition to operating just Delta VA aircraft, some routes Delta VA has are code share routes. Delta VA only operates these routes out of our hubs, with international Hubs only having code share routes to or from North America. On these routes you can fly aircraft in the liveries of our code shared airlines. Just some examples of the code share aircraft we operate on certain routes:

Aerolíneas Argentinas

Airbus A330-300


Boeing 737-700

Air France

Boeing 777-200ER
Boeing 777-300ER
Airbus A380-800


Airbus A330-200
Boeing 777-200ER

China Airlines

Boeing 777-300ER

Compass Airlines

Embraer 170

Endeavor Air

Boeing 717-200
Embraer 170

ExpressJet Airlines

Boeing 717-200
Embraer 170

GoJet Airlines

Embraer 170


Boeing 747-400
Boeing 777-200ER
Boeing 787-9

Korean Air

Airbus A380-800

Republic Airlines

Embraer 170

SkyWest Airlines

Boeing 717-200
Embraer 170


Boeing 737-700
Bombardier Dash 8-Q400

Virgin Atlantic

Boeing 787-9

Virgin Australia

Boeing 777-300ER

Delta Virtual Air Lines of the Infinite Flight Community is no way affiliated with any of the Airlines above and all logos belong to their respective owners.


Founded in August of 2018 by Air France-KLM and Delta Virtual. Sky Team has been the dream of the leadership of the two Virtual Airlines since the conception of Infinite Flight’s Global Update in 2017. While it has been a long and tedious process to officially get to the point to release, we are excited to bring the biggest, boldest and best Virtual Alliance around bringing together two of the largest VA’s in the Infinite Flight Community and hopefully continue to expand with other members to join the Sky Team Alliance in the future.

The Sky Team Virtual Alliance operates behind the support of a strong staff that is made up of the AF-KLM Staff and the DLVA Board of Directors. Operating Co-Presidents are @Omar_DeWindt (President of AF-KLM) and @mwe2187 (Board member for DLVA) along with administrative leadership from @Johannes_koelsch (CEO of Alitalia). All staff decisions are made based on each staff team. Omar will also serve as the Sky Team Event Coordinator.

Future of Sky Team

A product of the Sky Team Alliance is that we will provide a platform to bring our great communities together, and also strive to grow the membership of other Virtual Airlines that are a part of the community. Beyond the initial launch, it will be priority for the Alliance to come together with other Sky Team members, as well as emphasize and locate leadership throughout our pilot base to create and lead future VA’s to be approved by the IFVARB for inclusion.

Partnerships and Co-Sponsored Events

At DLVA, we currently are not entering into VA partnerships or codeshares. While we appreciate you thinking of us for such, please understand that this decision is for the best interest of Delta Virtual.

Our team is happy to work with other VA’s or VO’s in co-branded events and having our members attend events within the IFC. We have had great success with our Sky Team series of events with AF-KLM, and our staff and pilots alike enjoy collaborating with others as much as we can.

At DLVA, we pride ourselves on having one of the most active communities within the Infinite Flight Community. As such, it is our initiative to bring our pilots together for group flights, internal events and IFC events on the biggest stage and around the globe. From the Sky Team Event Series, IFVARB Summits, and the Core - Six collaboration, DLVA has been a part of the biggest events on the IFC.

We also pride ourself on having the biggest and best internal events. With Short Haul Sunday’s, Codeshare Tuesdays and our current DLVA Soaring Around the World event series, we enjoy bringing our pilots to great locations around the world.

Averaging more than 20 pilots per leg, DLVA’s Soaring Around the World has been one of our biggest event series to date. Beginning at KATL, the home of Delta Virtual, we have taken our pilots on a world-wide multi-leg that has touched down at great destinations around the world, including a surprise fly in in Egypt with Singapore Virtual Airlines.

Previous DLVA Event Series / Collaborations

Codeshare Tuesdays

Delta Virtual was happy to bring our pilots to some of the best destinations around the world to challenge ourselves to difficult approaches, beautiful locations, and breathtaking scenery on Infinite Flight. The 10-week series featured codeshare aircraft from our Sky Team partnership.

Core - 6 Event Series

Joining with the largest Virtual Airlines on the IFC, DLVA was a part of one of the biggest event series to date. Led by @Balloonchaser, the Core 6 series took us to hubs featuring ACVA, AAVA, BAVA, AF-KLM, DLVA and UVA. They featured more than 100+ aircraft in multiple events sponsored by LiveFlight.

Currently, at Delta Virtual, we have a limit for our accepted pilots. The pilot limit is currently set at 175 pilots. (Updated October 9, 2018).

Also, you may still apply if we are at our maximum pilot limit but you will be put on a wait-list. You will know if there is a wait-list by seeing a warning message while you are applying.

To apply to be a Pilot at Delta Virtual, you are required to meet these requirements:

  • Ability to access our communication source which is the Slack App. Slack-iOS-icon
  • At least 15 years of age.
  • No more than 50% violation to landings ratio.
  • Must be at least Grade 3 and have access to the Expert Server.
  • Well maintained standing on the Infinite Flight Community.
  • Must pass the Written Application Test when applying.

After application has been submitted, please be patient as a member of the DLVA Staff will be in contact with you as time permits. Please note that our Recruitment Team has the ability to deny any Pilot Application.

Need Help Before Applying to be a Pilot Here at Delta Virtual?
We are always open to answer all your questions. We have two main options for requesting support; you have the ability to contact us via email by filling out this support form and our team will get in contact with you within 48 hours. If you are looking for more of a live chat and quicker response, please contact us via our social media on Instagram through a Direct Message. We look forward to assisting you!

Infinite Flight Delta VA is not affiliated with, endorsed , or sponsored by Delta Air Lines Inc.
All Delta logos are registered trademarks of Delta Air Lines and are used by Licensee under license from Delta Air Lines Inc.


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