Delta Virtual | Continuing to Soar | 100,000 Hours Strong!


Here the link to apply. After you give Basic Information, you have to do a written test.

Hope you pass and make it!

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At this time there is no plan in place to have AFKLM and DLVA use the same crew center. It could be something in the future, but AFKLM is currently upgrading its system through a new process.


do you guys have ranks?


Yes we do Second Officer | 0-10 Hours | Regional
First Officer | 10-40 Hours | Short Haul and Regional
Senior First Officer | 40-100 Hours | Charter, Medium Haul, Short Haul and Regional
Captain | 100-200 Hours | Long Haul and above
Senior Captain | 200+ hours | Ultra Long Haul and above


Thank you so much


While Delta Virtual is in-between series after we concluded the Soaring Around the World series last week, we are going to embark on a favorite from the series, the famous Kai Tak approach! Let’s see if @CarlosFunes can figure out how to land this one!


Apologies for how blurry that is… were testing our new event system

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Delta Virtual is proud to partner with @Balloonchaser and the IFGAC in support of their new series that will take the TBM around the World!

For information and how to sign up, check out their thread for Leg 1 at -> [Completed] Infinite Flight General Aviation Club | Around The World In a TBM - Leg 1 @ KVNY - 182200ZAPR19 | Powered By LiveFlight


You have been hanging out with me too often. Time out for you, Michael :)


First major live test of the new Delta Virtual event system is complete! We’re getting to close to the first public event!

Check out what it looks like when things go live from the pilot view! Gates assigned, priority status given, everyone checked in! Oh yeah, now we have to figure out how to land at VHXX in a bunch of heavy’s…


I was wanting to join this virtual airlines when I got to Grade 3, but… I’m only 12 and you apparently have to be 15 to join. 😞😥. Anyways looks good! @Delta_Virtual.


There are still other fantastic virtual airlines available while you wait to turn 15!


True. @AsternDestroyer

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Thank you for your interest @Mr-plane-guy1, as @AsternDestroyer mentioned there are a lot of great VA’s out there. We are Sky Team partners with @AF-KLM_VA, who are a great VA as well that we do a lot of events with.

As well as a ton of others on the IFC that are great to be members of!


Delta Virtual is 100,000 hours strong! At 6:45 p.m. EDT, DLVA officially went over 100,000 logged as a Virtual Airline on the IFC!

The special flight was logged by @MDoor to put us over the top!

Special thanks to @USA007, the founder of DLVA, former staff that helped us get to where we are today, the current board of directors, support staff and of course, the DLVA family of pilots that make us what we are today!

Here is to the next 100,000!

Come celebrate with DLVA this Friday during FNF featuring Delta Virtual! We’ll be hosting a flash flight celebration with more details coming on Thursday!


Congrats guys!



Hopefully I will be the 200,000th hour to log.


well done y’all


here’s to 150,000


We will be hosting a special Sky Team Flash Flight on Friday evening during FNF! If you would like to join this venture, please send us a DM and we will get you signed up!

For VA Members of DLVA/AFKLM, a link will be provided to you in slack, you do not need to message this account!


We are doing our first public test of our DLVA Event system with the above flight, so if you are interested, please send us a PM, and then we will reply with the sign up link to our event page!