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Its been 2 weeks since my test but the website is not allowing me to retake the test! Please help!


Hi @iJazzyman I’ve sent you a PM for some info


DLVA Event System Update:

Final checks of our beta are nearly done! Next up will be internal events test and then we’ll roll her out for the IFC for the next Delta Destinations event on the final Saturday of April!

More info coming soon from @MrMrMan


*crosses fingers that SJC gets included


I think you mean SFO



Oh no
I meant SJC/KSJC (Norman Y Mineta San Jose International Airport) located in the South Bay


Didn’t you hear?
It’s closing!!!



Today is not April Fools 😂

(Boy am I glad no one made that joke on April 1)


Ahhh why didn’t I think of thattt

I could’ve made a whole fake article and everythinggg


The real joke would be posting a SJC event and then not having it 😂


You better do that next year

Also, let’s not hijack this thread


I am very excited to see what the new event system is like :) . Wishing you guys lots of blue skies and fantastic tailwinds once the system launches :)


Thank you! We’re looking forward to its official launch. :)


Tonight, Delta Virtual marked the end of the longest running event series on Infinite Flight! We completed the Soaring Around the World series with Leg 33 back at KATL with the beautiful queen from TNCM!

We began in July, and had more than 15+ at each event with a high of 32 at departure. We had nearly 500 overall sign ups for this great series to explore the Infinite Flight world!


Is there still a waitlist to join DLVA?


Dang theres a wait list to join. RIP that I was gonna join…(I feel like this is OCRP for those of you who know that struggle.)


@Darpan & @Ironman_Ballets - we currently do not have a waitlist to my knowledge.


@MrMrMan is correct. We currently are right under our limit by a few spots.

We do activity checks weekly with our requirement at 1 flight per 30 days


is AFKLM going to be merging crew centers with you guys?


@mwe2187 Im all in on joining how do I sign up?