Delta Virtual | Continuing to Soar | 100,000 Hours Strong!


Delta Destinations Vol. 6 is this Saturday!

Come and reserve a gate for our SoCal Nostalgia!

I actually work Above wing and Below wing for delta and I have really gotten into IF! I very much look forward to learning more about how to use ATC and properly fly. I would love to join this VA in time and hopefully i can join when I’m more skilled. Amazing work you’ve all put into this.


Is there a waiting list for applications? I applied on Friday and passed the test but I haven’t gotten a response yet.


Yes, there is. You are currently on our waiting list. :)


Ok, thanks!

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Delta Virtual is proud to introduce a game changer to the event systems when it comes to VA’s on the IFC!

DLVA Event System

As teased a few weeks prior, DLVA is preparing to launch a brand new internal event system that will provide pilots of both the VA and of the IFC the best and most streamlined system for signing up for events!

Today’s teaser is our check in system! When pilots sign up for our events, they will receive a check in code. This code will be entered closer to departure and will show your assigned gate!

Once the flight goes live, your page will then turn into a live page showing your location and flight instructions for the event!


I will say, that’s impressive.


What is with you guys and good things?

Seems to be a pattern if you ask me


What is the lowest score you can get to pass the test?


Hey there!

The lowest passing score you can get is a 24/30, or 80%.

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4 points off, rip

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Dang and I got a 23/30


@ZB083 & @Infinite_flight_A320 - No worries, guys - you can retest in two weeks after your test date.


Make sure to study hard!
Some of the tutorials in #tutorials will help too.
@ZB083 @Infinite_flight_A320


We’re just here to impress!

Side note: We’re getting close to launching the public portion of our new events system. We’re in process of testing it internally with some events within the VA :)


We celebrated Leg 30 tonight of our DLVA Soaring Around the World series tonight! It was a packed event where we created a departure line out of KSFO (@BigBert10’s favorite, don’t worry we promised him a SJC flight in the future!) that stretched all the way down to LAX as we head south of the border!


Well, 1 thing I like about this group flight:

It did not interfere with SJC airspace :D

Hope to see that SJC event sometime in the future and hope to be able to join it

I was not a part of this event. I was flying OAK-LAX

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Wow! San Francisco!

I can see the many aircraft on LiveFlight :)

Hope it’s fun! Also, many aircraft depart from the 28 runways although some airlines occasionally use the 1s (for heavies, smaller aircraft almost always use the 1s) :)

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Thanks! Watched on FR24 as we were setting up the final details to make sure we were using the active departing runways. Both 28L and and the 1’s were active for departures (mostly 1’s at the time at least)


The new replay system really takes event flights to the next level for some stunning images