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Tomorrow is our event with Singapore Virtual! Grab a gate for this fun event!


Hi, I think it’s been over 2 weeks that I’m waiting to try again the test but a message tells me that the email address is already registered or you have to wait 2 weeks


Same for me.


Jeremy, all you have to do is log back in with that email and it’ll let you re-take the test. let me know if you have any issues.

same for @Georges180305


Delta Virtual just does events better! Averaging more than 20 DLVA pilots at our last 5 events, we’ve challenged our pilots with creativity, with tough approaches, and with a level of fun within the VA that is simply unrivaled.

We completed Leg 24 of our Soaring Around the World series tonight and @Delta_Virtual couldn’t be prouder of the professionalism of our pilots this evening. There’s a reason we are soaring above the rest, and our pilots are a big part of that!


Delta Virtual is proud to partner with @AF-KLM_VA and the @SkyTeamIFC family to launch a brand new flash flight event series on the IFC! Beginning this Sunday, we will take to the skies in the Sky Team Sunday series! Push back begins at 11am EST!

Sign ups for this event will be posted on Saturday morning with our event thread.


Hope this is ok to post here, but thought you guys would love to have this picture :) . I wish you guys an amazing flight :) . With love from the embraer pilot :)


Thank you for the picture! Delta Virtual and AFKLM are coming together to participate in the largest overnight group flight.

Some of our pilots saw you there at LFPG. Nice to see a familiar name from the IFC!

Thanks again for the picture. See you in the skies!


You guys are immensely welcome :) . I just had to go check it out. I’m pretty sure the world record for the most 787 dreamliners in the sky, with two groups involved, has been set by you guys :) . Just now catching your landing in ATL.


The DLVA Tip of the Day is back after a few days off! Today, we look at a common issue that is found by IFATC Radar Controllers in pilots requesting frequency change too early!

IFATC Radar Controllers are trained to hand off an aircraft only AFTER it has successfully intercepted during an ILS/GPS approach! It is a common misconception that the controller has forgotten about you, but we’re just waiting to make sure you smoothly are entering your final!

Once the aircraft has intercepted the glide slope and ILS, the controller with THEN hand you off to the Tower controller!


Delta Virtual has expanded its Social Media footprint! Follow us on Twitter at today!


Did you see our announcement last night coming soon to Delta Virtual? DLVA is launching a state-of-the-art event system built into the already top VA website in the Infinite Flight Community!

Check out a sneak peak of what’s to come with some game-changing features around the corner!


That’s awesome 👍 so excited for you guys 🤗


Im not part of DL VA yet but can I join


Sure! Just sign up on the thread. :)

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Can’t figure out how to


@David_Beaulieu, click the apply button at the top of the thread it will take you to our website to begin the application process

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Tried won’t let me


What is the error you are receiving?

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Apologies, I thought you were speaking about the VA to join, not the event. Just reply to the thread as if you are replying here… just… there lol

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