Delta Virtual- Announcement!

Hello, as CEO of Delta Virtual Airlines I would like to announce upcoming changes during this summer. I will talk about changes due to global flight, position openings in the Airline, and the new route system.

First of all Global Flight. At Delta, we will diversify our routes with global flight. That means, instead of 13 or so routes between KSAN and KLAX, we will keep 1 and concentrate the 12 other pilots to routes out of our future American Hubs; Atlanta, Boston, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, and Seattle. We, would also like to announce our new International Hubs; Amsterdam, Paris, and Tokyo.

The next subject I would like to talk about is our position openings in our Airline. I would like to add a Social Media Director to take care of our Facebook account. That’s basically it for that.

Finally, our new system for our current, and future pilots. Now, if you are part of the airline, PM me or send me an email stating what you wish to be your flight number and route until Global Flight. Then both will be assigned to you.

Happy flying!

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good afternoon

I am interested in piloting for delta and I recently submitted a application on you website.
I am already part of IFES but I don’t fly wit them often.
I was wondering if there was any chance of employment flying commercial for you guys.
I have been flying with IF since early 2012 and I like to think of myself as a experienced pilot.

I would be honored to fly for Delta VA.

I’ve sent an application about 2 weeks ago and still haven’t gotten a response back

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Just gonna note Lukas you aren’t supposed to have signatures at the bottom of your posts.

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