Delta Virtual Airlines

Just a random question that a lot of you can probably help me with, but I submitted a application for DeltaVA a month ago and have had no response. If anybody can help me maybe I submitted my application of the wrong website or did I not submit it at all. I know they had a application viewing list of 18 people in front of me but a month is a lot of time. I sent a email to there help team but nothing? Anybody let me know if i did something wrong or submitted my application in the wrong place! Thanks! Happy Flying

BTW Please don’t interpret this as me trying to get my application seen faster, I’m just generally curious if my application is actually there, and if so where in line am I. Thanks

Hi! Maybe PM @DeltaVirtual and ask them there

Hi @Delta_836,

I do see your application and I do see it active on our waiting list! Delta Virtual has a cap in which we admit new pilots in regularly as we do activity checks on our pilots.

We typically run the activity checks in Friday, and then admit new pilots as spots become available.

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Thank you for letting me know wasn’t sure if I put it in the right spot!

Can anybody send me the discord to DLVA I was sent a invite but my link isn’t working?

Have you already applied?

Yes and heave been accepted I was sent a link my Mdoor but it isn’t working

It says that the link is expired even tho it was sent an hour ago?

This will be continued in DMs, we’ll get you sorted out.

Sounds good thx

Continuing in messages