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So, I’ve had IF for well over a year now, but I haven’t had a Live subscription but for about 4 months so I’m kind of new to the community message boards, virtual airlines, etc.

I’m a junior in college majoring in Aviation and will be going to the airlines within a few years. My father is a 767-300 Captain at Delta, and I very much want to join a/the Delta VA, but I cannot seem to get in contact with any of the Delta execs. I have seen two different Delta VA’s and I have tried both. One of the websites has been deleted and the other has had no reply for months.

Does anyone know what happened to them; or how to get in touch with someone on the exec board? If it came down to it, I would be willing to start a new one.

Merry Christmas, Joseph


Here try this link:

(also, as you are new, don’t advertise politicians or politics at all on the forum, and on your account, ahem :D It never turns out well.)


Welcome to the forums and VA world, from British Airways!


Hello I am the CEO of the new official Delta VA. We would love to have you I am currently on holiday until tomorrow so am unable to do much with my limited wifi availability. If you applied I will add you to our slack group tomorrow

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