Delta Virtual Air Lines: Introducing Decades and More!

Yes the top 10 is their total flight time while the stats above are just in the 4-5 days between log updates

@Arjun_Dayal. However one of those pilots in the Top 10 joined after global.

I think I had a whole 50 hours in the VA pre-global, over 1000 now

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I had 80 pre-global. Did you enjoy KLAX-KSAN lmao

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Tonight, DLVA joined with Delta in saying our goodbyes to the Queen of the Skies!

It was a great showing from our VA!

A few pics:

A line that stretched across several states

For the pilots that couldn’t attend, we had a crowd upon landing!

The sun sets on the life of a beautiful aircraft!


Delta VA is halting our recruitment process as we evaluate membership requirements. During this time applications will remain open but we will not be adding new members until our evaluation is finished. We do apologize about this disturbance in service but for large teams evaluations are needed at times.


As a celebration of DLVA’s One Year Anniversary, we put together an Annual Report of the activity and accomplishments of the VA. Since Global’s release, we have had unprecedented activity, spectacular events, and a growing community of pilots that have embraced Delta Virtual as their own.

Here is who we are!



You posted that twice I think 🙂


Some amazing pictures ( 😉) and stats, truly showing Delta to be one of, if not the best real world virtual airline in IF
Congratulations on an amazing year!


Here’s to an even better 2018! DLVA always staying at the top, I’ve loved this VA ever since I joined back in September.


Some quality shots from a quality part of the team!

Glad to see you used some of our pictures! I have loved the VA since I joined! Can’t wait to see what the future brings for DLVA!


After over a year founding and leading Delta VA and working with the staff to build one of the leading VAs on IFC I was sad to announce my resignation today to the staff as CEO of Delta VA. I have become too busy in my real life to be able to lead DPVA and believe that the staff are all equally qualified to lead DLVA as a board of directors without the need for a CEO. While I am stepping down as CEO I will still remain active as a pilot and strong supporter of DElta VA. It has been an amazing time being CEO and I look forward to seeing DLVA continue to grow and become better.

Founder of Delta VA

The CEO position of Delta VA is non existent position at DLVA now. Do not inquire for the position.


It’s been a pleasure working with you as a staff member of DLVA! The Board has big shoes to fill to carry to torch to keep DLVA as the top VA to be a part of in the IFC (truly believe that). You’ve built a great place to be a part of, we are happy that you will remain a member of it, but are sad to see you go as its leader!


Entering 2018, Delta Virtual Airlines was celebrating its one year anniversary of being officially recognized by the IFVARB. DLVA was all about its numbers, its fleet, its activity, all amongst the highest in the Infinite Flight Community.

With the departure of @anon2063420 as our CEO, but still very proud pilot of the VA, the Delta VA has reorganized itself into a Board of Directors that have tasked ourselves with taking one of the best VA’s in the IFC, to even better heights. With more than 500 flights logged on a weekly basis by more than 130 active pilots, we knew that in order to remain at the top, we had to take our game to the next level.

Our first step in this process has been the embracement of the past and what has gotten Delta to the point that it is now. We call this program Delta Decades. Decades, the idea of @anon2063420 has been introduced within the VA with a combination of both Northwest Airlines liveries and Delta liveries that are not a part of the regular real world Delta routes.

Delta Decades allows our pilots to fly the DC10, MD11, 742, and 744 on regular routes within the VA created especially to explore new locations around the world. Decades has also given us the ability to expand our fleet to the E175.

Delta VA has embraced its position as the standard of what it means to be one of the top VA’s on the IFC, as well as the flight-sim community.

Heading through 2018, we have begun the process to enhance our features, bring on brand new features, as well as a brand new website that is in the design faze currently. We will have more information about this in the upcoming weeks.

With the new Board of Directors system, we have streamlined our support to pilots, thus, our pilots continue to achieve things never before seen on the IFC.

With more than 500 valid pireps filed per week since our update of this thread in December, we have made the decision that we will be a community of quality, and not just quantity. As such, we have created a Pilot Cap on the number of pilots that we will host in our VA, with a new waiting list for top pilots to join.

We are seeking the best to be a member of DLVA, those that have the same vision in which we do. As we move forward in 2018, our mission is not to to have the most pilots, but to have the best pilots and be recognized for such anytime seen in game.

For the first time in the VA’s history, we have also begun building a support staff that will work under the Board of Directors. The first two members selected to this are outstanding members of both the IFC and Delta VA. Unden, (@kylen15) as our IFC Events Coordinator and @Vari2ty as the Interim Head of Delta ATC. Both have done great things for the VA.

With the above additions, we are in the process of completely redesigning our DLVA Pilot’s Guide, and in line with that, our IFC Thread will be completely re-released in the coming weeks.

We are excited to be a proud member of the IFC, and are looking forward to serving the pilots to the best of our abilities, as well as be the standard in the community. We thank our pilots we have today, for we would not be where we are without their support


I have already sent the form with answers, I am waiting to contact me, it usually takes a lot of time?

So is the event coordinator and ATC team leader staff positions still vacant?

We do not offer staff positions to the public.

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Read the post above.

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@Matheus_Fonseca Hello Matheus! It usually takes 48 hours for your application to be reviewed. Hope to see you soon!

@SlimeFlyer Hello! Expect an updated thread coming out soon. It will contain updated Board of Director information along with some new content. Thanks!