Delta Virtual Air Lines: Introducing Decades and More!

I appreciate the updates Brandon. Great responsiveness and initiative taken by the DLVA staff. 👍


I filed in an application and passed the test. When do I start?

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Delta VA has just released our total simulated revenue we have generated since Oct 31st!

Total Revenue: image

Total Flights in 22 days: 1,997 flights

Expected Yearly Revenue: image

Want to be part of one of Infinite Flight’s most active and largest VAs? Fill out our application linked here. We would love to have you on board!


You guys look really good. Best of luck my friends! Stay strong :)


Really is a great VA! Joined DLVA looking for a very active group to fly with, blew away my expectations. From beginners to professional pilots, seems we have it all!


Due to an ongoing issue DLVA has temporarily shut down our website. We expect this issue to be resolved by the end of the coming week.


Happy Thanksgiving guys :) I hope this issue gets resolved! 🦃🍁🍂🍗🍺🥂

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Today is a proud day here at Delta Virtual Airlines, earlier last week staff has been in proactive contact with a legal representative from Delta Air Lines regarding usage of their trademarked name and logos, etc. Since then Delta Virtual Airlines has entered into a licensing agreement with Delta Air Lines to use their name and logo on our website and on our IFC threads. This Trademark Agreement does not entail us being official partners with Delta Air Lines, but that wee have been granted permission to operate under their name and with their corporate logo as a VA.

So what does this mean?
This means that we here at Delta Virtual Airlines are no longer in a position of having to worry about receiving a cease and desist for operating under an official airline’s brand name. It also signifies that Delta VA is operating under the permission of Delta Air Lines and as such will be in a position to honor our Licensing Agreement. The most important part is that Delta VA can continue to operate, with Delta Air Lines’ permission, without fear of Delta Air Lines wishing Delta VA to shut down operations, as has been seen with other VAs.

The staff here at Delta VA is proud of this new level of professionalism we have and will continue to strive to bring you our members the absolute best in services and professionalism.

Staff of Delta Virtual Airlines


Hey just like to say this on behalf of capt curt one of my good online friends and former staff member. He said that you guys are awesome and wished you the best of luck. He has moved on to bigger and better things with other games and some with other VA’s. (sorry if this is off topic just thought you might want to know) Ironman over and out. Also, Delta members if you know capt maybe wanna talk Pm me


Capt Curt is one of my favs!

But yeah, the partnership with delta is huge. no longer have to worry about the big bad airline (joke) coming down and not liking something about the VA

presume thre are some T&C for using their trademarks though?

I cannot state if there are or are not and if they are I would not be able to disclose that

From that I take it that there are…certainly not wishing you to disclose them, however working as I do on the other side Iof a simular industry I am well aware of the hard work needed to achieve it so well done and good luck in the future.

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We are happy to announce that our LiveFlight Tracker is now up and running again! We would like to thanks to Cameron for his amazing work once again!

Look at all of those pilots! And stay tuned for an upcoming addition of an amazing feature. :)


IF Community,

Delta VA is proud to announce that we have added three new aircraft to our VA fleet. With the arrival of the DC10/MD11 update Delta VA has added not just the Northwest DC10 or Delta MD11 to our fleet but also the Northwest 747-200 to our fleet. This is to pay homage to our past before the Northwest/Delta merger. These additions will not be part of our normal VA scheduled routes, but will be made available as charter aircraft for our Senior First Officers and up to fly.

Our charter system allows for our pilots to operate aircraft that are no longer in Delta Air Lines’ active fleet on our route system on a monthly basis. Soon with the retirement of the Boeing 747-400 from Delta’s fleet we will be adding that aircraft to our Charter fleet.

Be on the lookout for Delta VA’s real time B744 retirement event coming up next Saturday/Sunday. Event will be posted soon.

DLVA Staff


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Delta VA wanted to give an update on our flight stats update from just this past week alone.

STATS Total logged time (DLVA): 595d 18hr 14min
Total logged time this update (WOW!): 1129hr 41min
Pilot(s) with most logged time: @lpaulson (5975min)
Pilot(s) with most logged flights: @unden (16 flights)
Total Promotions: 13
Total Active Pilots: 67
Total logged flights: 266

TOP 10 PILOTS: #1 @Vari2ty (974hr 8min)
#2 @lpaulson (952hr 12min)
#3 @unden (727hr 49min)
#4 @twocflyer (614hr 42min)
#5 @capt_nilsen4 (597hr 50min)
#6 @r3life (523hr 50min)
#7 @pilot_urp (510hr 29min)
#8 @zlg516 (439hr 46min)
#9 @kyle.r24 (438hr 8min)
#10 @xing (365hr 11min)

If you are looking for an active VA with a plethira of routes and destinations to fly to, as well as a majority of all the aircraft in IF then Delta VA is for you.

Delta VA: Keep Climbing


@anon2063420 hey, I used to be DLVA 1542 but ever since the global update I haven’t been part of DLVA anymore, is there anything you can do to get me back in or do you want me to re apply through the website?

You need to reapply. You were removed due to inactivity

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You say from the last week alone. Those Top 10 pilots there, that must be their entire time logging flights, correct? Meaning, ever since they joined Delta VA?