Delta Virtual Air Lines: Introducing Decades and More!

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Welcome to the Official Thread of Delta Virtual Airlines

Here at Delta VA, our goal is to allow our pilots to experience a community of fellow Delta Airlines lovers to fly the Delta fleet on the Mobile Flight Simulator, Infinite Flight. We were officially announced a certified Virtual Airline by the IFVARB on December 26th, 2016. In nearly a year of service we have grown to be one of the largest VAs on Infinite Flight. In Delta VA we have a very high standard of professionalism both on the Infinite Flight Community, the VA community, and on the Infinite Flight Live Servers.

imageedit_1_6894741613 Website

You can see our new updated website at this link. On the website we give a detailed list of all our destinations, aircraft, and VA info.


At Delta VA we strive to provide bi-monthly Infinite Flight Community events for all pilots to participate in. We have an event format that provides all the necessary info needs to complete the flight. We try to have the events be around 1-3 hours, but do have some longer and shorter events planned for Global. You can find our current planned event and past events below.

imageedit_1_6894741613Hubs and Route System

Delta VA operates from all our hubs both in the US and Internationally. As a pilot for Delta VA you will be based out of a hub of your choice. From there you are able to fly the routes out of or to your Hub. This basing allows you to create a flight experience just as real pilots do. With almost 1200 real life routes you will have years worth of new routes to fly to and from. Our Hubs are as listed:


KATL- Atlanta, Georgia
KMSP- Minneapolis, Minnesota
KDTW- Detroit Michigan
KJFK- New York City, New York
KSLC- Salt Lake City, Utah
KLGA- New York City, New York
KLAX- Los Angeles, California
KSEA- Seattle, Washington
KCVG- Cincinnati, Ohio
KBOS- Boston, Massachusetts
KRDU- Raleigh, North Carolina (Focus City)
LFPG- Paris, France
EHAM- Amsterdam, Netherlands
RJAA- Narita, Japan

Route Map


Delta VA operates the largest fleet of airline liveries on Infinite Flight with 12 aircraft in the Delta Air Lines Livery.


Boeing 717-200

Embraer 170

Airbus A319

Boeing 737-800

Boeing 737-900

Boeing 757-200

Boeing 767-300

Airbus A330-300

Boeing 777-200ER

Boeing 777-200LR

Boeing 747-400

Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner

imageCode Share Aircraft:

In addition to operating just Delta VA aircraft, some routes Delta VA has are code share routes. Delta VA only operates these routes out of our hubs, with international Hubs only having code share routes to or from North America. On these routes you can fly aircraft in the liveries of our code shared airlines. Just some examples of the code share aircraft we operate on certain routes:

Air France

Boeing 777-200ER
Boeing 777-300ER
Airbus A380-800


Boeing 747-400
Boeing 777-200ER
Boeing 787-9


Boeing 737-700
Bombardier Dash 8-Q400

Virgin Atlantic

Boeing 787-9

Virgin Australia

Boeing 777-300ER

China Airlines

Boeing 777-300ER


Boeing 737-700

imageDelta VA ATC

As a pilot at Delta VA you are permitted to apply for our VA ATC team. This team runs ATC for all our internal and external events when operating on the Training Server. To become part of our VA ATC team our non IFATC pilots test your practical ability to handle all types of situations both on the ground and in the air.


Delta VA has put together one of the most well equipped staff team to run our daily operations. Our staff is active daily and are always available to answer any questions you may have and provide guidance.

Staff Positions

CEO- @USA007

COO- @Brandon_K

CIO- @Kyle.r24

Flight Logger- @UpgradeMe

Event Coordinator/ATC Team Leader-

Hub Master- @Twocflyer

Utility- @mwe2187

imageApply to be a Pilot

At Delta VA we strive to put the very best pilots in the skies. To do this we have a mandatory VA entrance exam to take in order to be accepted. This exam will take you through everything you will need to know about operating on Live. With a passing score on the exam you will be automatically invited to join Delta VA.

Apply Here!

imageedit_1_6894741613Infinite Flight Mentorship Program Partnership

Delta VA is a proud partnering VA with the IFMP. The IFMP was created to provide mentoring to both new and experienced Infinite Flight users. The IFMP provides classes to help you from learning the basics of flying on Live to mastering the perfect landing. IFMP Mentors have proven to be experienced and well versed Infinite Flight users. Delta VA is proud to accept any IFMP graduate without the need to take the VA entrance exam.

To join the IFMP visit their thread here

Disclaimer: “Delta Virtual Airlines is a Virtual Airline that does not operate in the real world. All logos are trademarks of Delta Air Lines, Inc and are used with permission of their respective owners.”


Just applied to be a pilot and completed the test and passed. Excited!


Great VA
Even though my application had not been accepted

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LOL the only aircraft I have in your fleet are the 717 and 747-400! Only have 1 question. If I pass the test and stuff, do I require a live subscription? IK I ask that question a lot

You need to retake the exam. You didnt pass with a sufficient score. Once you do you are free to join. You can also go through the IFMP program and be granted automatic acceptance once you finish their program


Yes all pilots must complete flights on live. This allows us to track flights and allows you to fly our routes

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Oh ok Thanks now I know

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Dangit. Sorry I can’t apply then. I should get one in a couple months though

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Would you be able to check if I passed please?

im a IFMP mentor but would like to be a pilot for this VA

This is a very nice and well organized thread! Many small and upcoming virtual airlines need to use this as a resource.


Thank you much appreciated

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Smashing thread. Great work.

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Looks great website and thread. Good luck, look forward to sharing the skies with the Delta VA crew!


Delta VA is proud to announce a new feature to our pilot portal on our website, In Flight Entertainment. While you are doing your route for Delta VA you have access to over 20 episodes of Aviation related shows, 5 radio stations, 4 magazines (including Infinite Flight News), and Flightcast podcast recordings from Youtube.

This feature is only available to our Delta VA pilots. be sure to apply to have access to one of, if not the largest VA route systems out there with over 1200 routes, a Private Jet division, The largest selection of Airline Liveries, and much more. When it comes to Delta VA we are all about quality.


i would like to join. im also an IFMP mentor

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@N1DG Hi Dillon, Reccomend applying in this page of the website :).

Cant wait till I am eligible! Finishing up my last few flights to get to Grade 3! Will apply then, because Delta is my favorite airline to boot!


@r3life you should apply here!

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Our Slack is now Working! Thanks Slack for working so quick!