Delta Virtual Air Lines: Applications Temporarily Closed

Special thanks to one of our DLVA pilot @Transport_Hub for being a helpful voice in our thread for our prospective pilots!

Delta Virtual has a pilot cap of 150 pilots (raised from 130 about 2 months ago). We do activity checks weekly and spots become open for new members all the time! Please be patient when applying to Delta Virtual!

We have some exciting things that we have a countdown for launch for! so stay tuned to both our thread and our Sky Team thread for what’s to come!


@mwe2187. I was booted from the VA for being inactive due to military reasons. Can you email me so we can talk about possibly getting back into the VA? Email: I am still on the medallion sheet but not on the flight log.


Thats just wrong that you were kicked out for serving your country. Thank you for your service

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@Captain_Trigger21, you may contact @Kyle.r24 via a DM. We remove pilots that are inactive without telling us within 30 days

Okay, thanks. I will contact him. Sorry for not communicating


Delta Virtual is proud to join with American Virtual, United Virtual and UPS Virtual for a 9/11 memorial flight this evening. Special thanks to coordination with @Chris_Hoover from AAVA, @Jshnlsn and @jakevaz423 from UVA and @karl_iszler from UPS Virtual for helping bring this all together!

While we are not making an official IFC event, we are happy to have the IFC community join us tonight! We are departing out of KBOS at 7 p.m. in the Boeing 752.

We ask that non-VA members spawn at Terminal E.


After tonight’s 9/11 Memorial Flight, Delta Virtual is setting its sights on the future and are proud to announce to the IFC for the first time, a brand new website and control panel that is just days away from entering its final stages. It has been a great project that is set to bring Delta Virtual to the next level, soaring above into the skies behind one of the best project teams around.

Attached is a glimpse of the power of this new site, linked with tonight’s event, that shows flight progress and status for all DLVA members! This is one of many features for our new DLVA, and we can’t wait to show the IFC what there is inside!


This looks absolutely incredible!

Hello. I applied on Friday and passed the test. I haven’t heard from anyone. Name is ToasterStrudel on IF.

Hey there!
Currently DLVA has a pilot cap, but we are removing inactive pilots. You should get an email soon when there is a slot for you.
Safe flying!

DLVA looks fantastic! Unfortunate I’m only 13, but I’ll be sure to apply in two more years!

Hello, I applied 48 hours ago but still didn’t receive any mail. Test Score (25/33)

Is there something going on?

There’s a pilot cap currently, more above:


I see. Thank you so much.

To pilots that have applied to Delta Virtual and or are looking to apply, we invited about 15 new members today as our activity audit cleared a few spots. We ask that prospective pilots please be patient. Our waiting time currently is about 10-15 days. sometimes shorter


Have I ever mentioned how amazing this thread is? Well done! Very professional!

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Thanks @Plane-Train-TV! Getting closer to the time where we’ll be publishing v4 of our IFC thread! Redesigned for our new website / system!


Now that is something I can’t wait to see. As a member of DLVA, I can honestly say this airline is something else and excels past what we call “professional”


Do you guys fly out to Copenhagen? I have to get there ASAP for a business meeting.

Delta Airlines flies to New York JFK seasonally
Delta Virtual flies to Copenhagen from New York, Paris (AF Codeshare), Amsterdam (KLM codeshare) and a couple of other places utilizing codeshare routes/aircraft