Delta Virtual Air Lines: A new DLVA soaring above all


Fingers crossed that we will be re-opening our pilot invitations today.


Fingers crossed I’ll be in those invitations ;)


DLVA Destinations Vol. 2: ATL to the Caribbean, a DLVA Site Launch Event!

Come check out our latest event as we celebrate the launch of our site and pilot center to the community!


@mwe2187 I have to say this, there are some crackers out there, but you guys easily have the best, most attractive , useful, well lain out website I have seen for any VA on this forum, and perhaps even any website present on this forum.
The time and effort you guys have put into DLVA is absolutely stunning, keep up the amazing work!


Delta Virtual is proud to announce a new VA achievement! Over the weekend the VA officially validated its 20,000th flight since Infinite Flight released the Global Update!

Special thanks to all of our pilots, both past and present, that have made DLVA the place that it is today!


Huge congratulations on this major milestone @Delta_Virtual!

It really is a huge privilege to a part of the uber-awesome DLVA Crew :)


Attention prospective pilots, our new application system is fully operational and we are back open for new applications!


It’s a great night at DLVA as we gave the pilots a pre-Halloween treat for our DLVA Soaring Around the World series as each pilot got to choose one of their favorite Sky Team liveries to fly! Make sure to track us on Live Flight!

Here’s a list of all the Sky Team liveries in the air right now!


Nice thread good luck delta!


Hi I already joined about a year ago but I got kicked for inactivity what do I do?


Hello! Please contact @Kyle.r24 if you wish to be reactivated


While we missed posting Delta Destinations Vol. 3, we are back again with Vol. 4! Come join us as we fly out of your hometown/nearest airport to KATL and back!


When filling a PIREP, should we include taxi time?


Taxi time is not allowed to be included in your PIREP. You only put in your time from the flight summary screen


In the future, please direct these kinds of questions to the slack :)


I notified you in our Slack with the answer to this question.

-MrMrMan :)