Delta VA's Midwest tour with T&Gs @ KORD - 202200ZMAY17

Join Delta VA on a tour of the MIdwest. We will be doing Touch and Goes at all the major International airports in the regions. With touches at Peoria Intl, Quad City Intl, Rockford Intl, and landing at Milwaukee Intl. IF rules are expected to be followed (taxiing, speed, spacing, etc). Details are below:

Server: *Training Server 1

Region: Chicago, IL

Airport: KORD

Time: *2200Z *

Date: *5/20/17

Aircraft: 717-200, 757-200, 737-800, ERJ-170

NOTAM: KORD-KPIA // FL150// 300KIAS// KPAI-KMLI// FL120// 280KIAS// KMLI-KRFD// FL120// 280KIAS// KRFD-KMKE// FL120// 280KIAS. FPL will be made by DLVA67 (@USA007) and should be copied at KORD

Spots (Request a spot)
E1 (Regional)-
E2 (Regional)- @AdamTanA350
E2A (Regional)- TheBigBadBag
E3- (Regional)- @Leonard_Paulson
E4 (Small Body)- USA007
E6 (Small Body)- jdbalama14
E7 (Regional)- Brandon_Kreuter
E8 (Small Body)- @Twocflyer
E9 (Small Body)- kyle.r24
E10 (Small Body)- xing
E11 (Regional)- @Pilot_urp
E12 (Small Body)- @SWAPWLA
E13 (Regional)-
E14 (Regional)- @jashby
E15 (Small Body)- @Hugh_Cooper
F04 (Small Body)- @Jarlord
F05 (Small Body)- garrison2502
F06 (Small Body)- @Balloonchaser
F07 (Regional)-

More Gates will be opened as needed. Regional aircraft constitute ERJ-170 and 717-200. Small Body constitute 737-800, 757-200.


May I please have a gate? I will be flying the 737-800. Thanks ๐Ÿ‘

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Iโ€™ll take a small body gate, B738

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May I tag along? I will take any gate. Regional gate please, I will be in an E170.

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Can I have a gate please
I wil be flying in the 757

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Hey man.Assign me a gate pls .Thanks!

Need to know what aircraft you are using

A 717-200 sorry for the trouble

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I will flight a Boeing 737-800๐Ÿ™Œ When is it? In Zulu time

The time is listed above at 2200Z

Kill take gate e14 with the erj-170

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I wonโ€™t make it guys, last minute plans. Sorry.

Can I get a small body gate? I will be flying the 738

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E3 Regional E170 please

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Sign me up for the Small Body with my B738 or would you rather me to be ATC?

I have an ATC for our departing airport. We would only need one for KMKE on arrivals

Would you rather me ATC or Fly? Im a decent ATC and enjoy doing it!

Would you be willing to handle Tower and Ground at KMKE? It is our airport of arrival

Will doโ€ฆ (This will also help as I may be a bit late (22:05Z or something around there) as I will be coming back from another event!)

Do not worry. The group will most likely be arriving at KMKE around 2330Z

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