Delta VA Atl-SAV

I just joined the Delta VA and this was my first flight with them. The people flying with me were Mdoor, twocflyer, And MrMrMan was at the gate with me, he had to leave.

Server: Expert
Time 4:15 local time at take off.
Route: ATL-SAV
3) Photos

At the gate with MrMrMan, Mdoor, and twocflyer

Taxi to runway 27R

rotate from the right side seat


Cruse ALT from the flight deck

Approch into runway 18 at SAV

Touch Down

At the gate with passangers deboarding and engines shut down. Made it left to right twocflyer me Mdoor.


Group flights are always fun

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Yes they are.

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Great way to have your first flight! Welcome to the VA

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Thanks so much