Delta Upgrades Economy Class Experience While Lufthansa Downgrades It

Two very contrasting things have been revealed in the past 48 hours.

Part 1: Delta launches its new international Main Cabin experience (Soft Product)

Yesterday Delta launched its “reinvented” Main Cabin (Economy Class) experience by adding “thoughtful touches like welcome cocktails, hot towel service, bistro-style dining and more.”

The Key Points:

Welcome Cocktail:

  • After leveling off at cruising altitude, Main Cabin passengers will be offered a special “Welcome On Board” cocktail featuring a Bellini: sparkling wine and infused peach puree.

Not sure how many people here are actually above the drinking age (I’m not) so… probably doesn’t apply to many

Followed by a refreshing hot towel
(American Airlines already does this though, not sure about United).

Bistro-Style Dining & Elevated Serviceware:

  • Passengers can select their choice of upgraded appetizers and larger entrees.
  • There will be larger entrees featuring new recipes inspired by Delta One (Delta’s First/Business Class)
  • Dessert will be served as a separate final course - along with a choice of water, tea, coffee, or complimentary wine.
  • “Standard meal trays will be replaced with more elegant, custom-designed serviceware made with 30 percent bio-based materials”

On-Demand Snacks:

  • Delta is debuting a new snack basket available for all passengers after meal service. This snack basket features items such as such as Cheez-It crackers, Tillamook cheese, OREOs, KIND Bars, and the airline’s signature Biscoff cookies.

Finally, A Farewell Chocolate During Descent:

To clarify it case it wasn’t known already:

This is only for international flights scheduled for 6.5 hours or longer, plus select shorter international flights where Delta One or Delta Premium Select is offered.

Part 2: Lufthansa Reduces Meal Service In Economy/Premium Economy

Not so “Premium” anymore? 🤔

  • Currently on flights over 10 hours, Lufthansa offers a small hot tray with two choices for pre-landing.
  • Currently on flights under 10 hours, Lufthansa offers snack boxes with hot food pre-landing.

(The main meal is untouched. Only the pre-landing meal has been modified).

As Of November 28, 2019:

  • On long haul flights, Lufthansa will only offer a small cold vegetarian snack (high-quality cold sandwich) as the pre-landing meal, with no choice
  • Passengers will now receive a half liter water bottle. (Yay?)


  • Lufthansa is also cutting back on reusable headsets and will instead use disposable earbuds.

So… two very contrasting changes to the lower classes of flying for Delta and Lufthansa…

I personally haven’t flew Delta long-haul, but I flew Lufthansa two years ago and the food was rather amazing.

Delta’s new changes seem very thoughtful and paying attention to the tiniest details.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you booked to fly Delta or Lufthansa long-haul or planning to fly them?


A questionable move by one of the world’s highest ranked airlines…


I like how we are adding more to our service while other US airlines are cutting back. Hopefully our customers will enjoy this.


@Moritz explain 😡


I really like the way Delta upgrades their on-board experience, and I personally think that Delta is the best American carrier in terms of on-board service. Literally no carrier in the world serves welcome drinks in economy class, but it seems like Delta leads the way!

On the other hand, LH economy was decent when I took it in 2016… but THAT is a joke. Still LH First Class is within the top in the world (although AF La Premiere is the best), but I think this kind of economy service deserves 4 stars, at the most.

Just my opinion 😅

btw, the Delta One meals are being more and more closer to ‘inedible’ these days… a flight I took from MSP to ICN few months ago was some sort of rubber that was named ‘chicken’. I somehow enjoy their economy meals than Delta One sometimes…


I flew LH Premium Economy from DEN-MUC and back in the summer of 2017. It was a fantastic experience. The excitement of my first long haul plane and my first international trip made it all the more enjoyable, but the product was phenomenal as well. The FAs were nice, very attentive, and very helpful. The food was great as well.

Not sure if I’d be wanting to fly LH premium eco or regular eco now.


AA and UA can keep dreaming, Delta is 1# in the US for sure, and they are taking it further.


Well I don’t travel to Europe so nothing to say here. But Air Canada does code share with Lufthansa
I’ve taken Delta once before but don’t remember much.

Delta you are legends
Lufthansa…er wut?

Not entirely true. Up until now, passengers received two hot meals on Lufthansa economy flights.

After the switch to the new model they will still receive one hot meal. Only the second meal is replaced with the sandwich.

See the Lufthansa Statement here:

Yeah? The sandwich is the pre-landing meal (second meal).

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Ah, sorry. Misinterpreted what you wrote. Thought you meant that they’ll only get a Pre-Landing meal now. 😊

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Sorry, after re-reading what I wrote it does seem a bit confusing. I’ll clarify regarding the main meal that’s untouched.

Absolutely unhappy that LH‘s change does apply to Premium Economy as well.

Also I am still trying to figure out what is in the vegetarian box as the normal sandwich selection isn’t entirely vegetarian (ham or cheese?).

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Well, not much to explain here…

While it’s not that much of a change in Eco where the pre landing meal consisted of some pizza-style snack or a muffin with a tiny fruit salad it’s a major change for premium economy I don’t understand. It’s a disgrace that at the same time the management decides to buy a five star rating from Skytrax they introduce this. What I actually consider even worse is the fact that they introduce single-use headphones producing immense amount of plastic and electronic waste in days where other airlines already attempt single-use plastic free flights just to cut on costs by „reducing fuel consumption“ due to the removal of the reusable ones…


Pretty interesting I always assumed Lufthansa had a stellar economy product but now it’s worse then most airlines or the same while delta is going well above what is expected and I think they will get a huge payout because of it

This is good to here- I’m flying to Buenos Aires on Delta via Atlanta this December. Can’t wait to see what they offer!

Skytracks has entered the chat

Jokes aside, it really is stupid. Like seriously, why don’t they just take out the seats, meal service, etc and pack us in like cattle or sardines. I mean why don’t we even fly, we can just never go on vacation.

If we are paying hundreds of dollars to fly, then why aren’t we at least getting decent food?

But damn Delta. I’ll buy the first ticket for eco, that actually sounds really delicious. And mostly free, I hope.

Just another reason I love bae (Delta) 😘

Flying 33 hours of Lufthansa in about a month. On my last LH flight, the pre-landing meal was good, but so are their sandwiches so like I don’t really mind at all. I don’t think it’s going to be as big of a deal in economy as it sounds like.

About PE tho…feels bad