Delta Trio at Salt Lake City

I was flying from Dallas-Fort Worth to Salt Lake City on a Delta A220 and I realized there were 2 other Delta planes around the airport on approach. I was the second one to land, and I followed the first one to its gate, and the third one understood what he had to do and parked with us. The E175’s pilot was @Sebastian9915 and the A319 was flown by @Aviator_Alex. Here are some pictures I took from the replay:

Flight Info

Plane: Delta Airbus A220-300
Server: Expert Server
Time: Landed at 18:20Z


Great photos! Now we need the CRJ to be involved in the gang 😅


Hey that’s me! I took some pics of this as well but couldn’t find em! Awesome flying with ya!

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We need that aircraft reworked 🙏

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The CRJ reworked? Maybe it’s because I’ve been here for a long time and I’ve seen a lot of planes before reworks, but I don’t think it needs a rework yet