Delta to retire some of its A320s, 767-300ERs and all 737-700s

Although demand has slightly increased in recent weeks, coronavirus is still wreaking havoc across the worldwide aviation industry. Airlines are dropping like flies, passenger demand is about as stable as nitroglycerin, and murphy’s law has taken full force over the past months.

In the midst of this pandemic, Delta, along with posting their June 2020 quarter earnings (or lack thereof) announced they are retiring their entire subfleet of 10 737-700s, some of their ex-NWA A320s and 767-300ERs. Doing so will allow for fleet simplification and higher efficiency according to the airline.

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Sad. Those are some of my favorites in the Delta fleet.

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Unfortunate really. At some point they’re going to run out of a fleet if something doesn’t improve sooner or later.

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That’s too bad. So Delta’s A320s are older than their A319’s and A321’s? That would explain why they don’t have IFE.

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Never flew one either but I bet the experience would have been usual top-notch quality as is with DL.

Everyone is cost-cutting, it’s just that simple. A321NEOs should arrive soon along with more A339s to replace the oldest 76s

A319s and A320s are relatively the same age, both are all former northwest birds
A321s are new since DL ordered them not NWA.
Most of the ex NWAs are also retrofitted to include IFE… I guess you somehow found a rare one that was still pre-retrofit or you flew them before the program started


sad @anon57683537 noises

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the 73G was special since the fleet was so small, but in the end i’m only concerned about the 757, 764, and 717


Most of their A320’s are pretty old, yes. Some have been retrofitted though and some haven’t.


As planned. As they get more 339s they will be able to scrap their horrible 763s. The neos are intended to replace them along with the A330s. DLs 763 product sucks pretty bad imo so I’m glad they are starting to phase out. They have a crap ton of A321s and incoming 32N orders so I’d except 752s to start going down too unfortunately.


I can’t say that I’m surprised. I expected them to retire some of their 757’s (sorry @anon57683537), but they might wait until they acquire some of their planned A321neos to replace the 757 on the domestic and transcontinental routes. Maybe even some of their low-demand routes to Europe. I had no idea that Delta operated so few 737-700s. The A220-100/300 can definitely replace those. As for their A320s that served Northwest, those were even pushing 30 years old. Just a bit younger than Air Canada’s A320s which are also being phased out.

@Pilot_urp Delta may retain a good number of their 767-300ERs as they’re retrofitting them to their Delta One & Premium Select seats. Delta is one of the largest passenger 767 operators, and they might keep most through the pandemic. Delta still has a large number of 757s left, and I doubt they’ll take delivery of those orders soon. Yet again, things always change. It’s anybody’s game now.


I honestly think that Delta might give some of their B737-700’s to Southwest Airlines.

I think DL will keep the 757s for some time now. Why? I don’t think they’ll want to accept too many deliveries at this time, and the 757s are too integral to the fleet to be let go just yet (over 100 airframes).

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Wow at least they brought the 737-700 to MDW so I got to see it a lot.

wow, that is so sad.

all these airlines retiring these aircraft :/

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10 of 62 A320s and 7 of 56 767-300ERs will be retired. Honestly was expecting more than that.

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A key issue I imagine here also is the fact that aircraft ordered will keep coming in, let’s not forget that Airbus and Boeing are in dire need themselves so there is only so much delay they themselves will accept without penalties. It serves Delta’s interests to scrap what they can to cut costs and then as demand picks up these newer aircraft can take the brunt, otherwise they would be merely sitting around without much use.

Weirdly BA is apparently getting a few B77W on lease this year at a time where you would expect more aircraft to be a bad idea. I guess every airline is dealing with things differently and the long haul aircraft are more valuable right now with freight etc

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